Eldrador Fantasy Figures from Scheich

Schleich Lava

Kids naturally have fantastic imaginations and the weirder the creature the better. Schleich have created their own fantasy collection: Elrador, which has four worlds of full of fantastical creatures: Lava, Ice, Stone and Water. The monsters of Eldrador are locked in an implacable conflict: their battle for the Superweapon!! On the website, the story starts with the Lava world, which has managed to get hold of the super weapon, giving them an evil power that they can use to rule… Continue Reading “Eldrador Fantasy Figures from Scheich”

Dinosaur Figures from Schleich

Sebby Dinosaur

The kids love of dinosaurs shows no sign of dipping anytime soon. Sebastian dressed up as his favourite dinosaur for World Book Day, Eliza spent her book tokens on fossil books and we have been fossil hunting at both Kimmeridge Bay and taken an expert led fossil walk at Charmouth this year already, with plans to go again once lockdown has ceased. When we were invited to review some Schleich Dinosaurs we jumped at the chance to add to our… Continue Reading “Dinosaur Figures from Schleich”

Hop along to our Digital Easter Egg Hunt with Learning Resources and Friends

Learning resources

We’re #StayingIndoors and have teamed up with Learning Resources for an eggciting online Easter egg hunt. You’ll stand the chance to win an eggciting prize and receive a mystery discount! On 6th April hop along to Learning Resources’ Facebook or Instagram pages and look out for the clues. Follow the clues to find one of their favourite blogs, where you’ll need to hunt for an Easter egg to crack. Hidden inside each Easter Egg you’ll discover a letter! Remember all the letters because you’ll… Continue Reading “Hop along to our Digital Easter Egg Hunt with Learning Resources and Friends”

Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids

Loft conversion

Loft conversions have become increasingly more popular for large families, especially within recent years, and it comes as no surprise when you think about all the prospective uses of the space! They’re a marvellous way to improve family living and can take the strain off feeling confined in smaller properties. With their extensive popularity, the chances are that you probably know somebody with a loft conversion. If so, you may want to ask to visit theirs to compare and gather… Continue Reading “Home Improvements that Open Up Great New Spaces Ideal for Kids”

Review: Baby Annabell Hospital


In light of the current lockdown situation, I have found that the kids are taking part in many more role play activities in the home. Back in February, both Eliza and Sebastian were hospitalised for the first time and being in that situation was both unfamiliar and stressful for them, especially Sebby and they both still talk about their experience. We were invited to review the Baby Annabell Hospital, with Baby Alexander and I thought it would be the perfect… Continue Reading “Review: Baby Annabell Hospital”