Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Three

Christchurch Priory

My blog has finally been fixed. I don’t think my host believed me at first, but I got a notification from google console that there were some unusual links. This is the second time I have been targeted and it’s always for dodgy links to football streams…….I think I have to change my blog name. Here is our week: Monday 7th June Much to Isaac’s disgust, Eliza and Sebby had an inset day, but he didn’t, so back to school… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Three”

Creative play time outdoors with Cheeky Monsters

The weather has finally improved, meaning we can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. My kids love getting outside and I love listening as they make up stories and act them out as we walk. For those looking to take their creative play time outdoors this summer, there is a brand-new series of pre-school storybooks and cuddly toys available now, born from the concept of the imaginary worlds and characters created when children play. The Cheeky Monster mission is… Continue Reading “Creative play time outdoors with Cheeky Monsters”

Review: Micro BMW City Adult Scooter


During lockdown, on thing that has kept us sane is heading out and about on our scooters, but at 13, Isaac has moved away from a child’s stunt scooter and wanted something a little more grown up. Did you know that Microscooter also make adult scooters? We were invited to review the Micro BMW City Adult Scooter and it was love at first sight for Isaac. The scooter takes a couple of minutes to assemble, but simply attaching the handlebars… Continue Reading “Review: Micro BMW City Adult Scooter”

Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Two


The half term holiday’s are upon us and the weather has finally started to pick up. In bad news for us, there has been a rise of cases again in the UK thanks to the newly named Delta variant. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet, but the rumour mill seems to think that the easing of restrictions will be delayed until 5th July (my husband’s birthday) instead of the planned date of my birthday. In other lovely news, the… Continue Reading “Project 365 2021: Week Twenty Two”

Review: Grogu Plushie from The Mandalorian


If there is one Star Wars character that has really captured Sebby’s imagination, it is Grogu. He has devoured the TV series, got the LEGO set and a dressing gown for Christmas, but the thing he really wanted is a cuddly Grogu. We were sent Grogu to review from Simba Toys. At 18cm tall, he is the perfect size for a cuddle, but small enough to take out and about so he can enjoy travels too. Grogu has a silky, strokeable head… Continue Reading “Review: Grogu Plushie from The Mandalorian”