Packing the perfect kids party bag

Eliza's Princess Party

I love organising children’s parties and each year I feel the need to go bigger and better.

The one thing I always struggle with though is the good old party bag!

Kids love a party bag, I think it is often the highlight of their day, getting to take a bag, or box full of treasure and cake home with them.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a children’s party bag and here are some of my kids favourite items to find in one:

We are trying to cut down on plastic use in our house, so party boxes or fabric party bags are the way forward, like these Party boxes from Card Party.

In the box

Card Party sent me a selection of of their popular party bag gifts to review and I have listed them below in order of the kids favourites:

Squishy Ball – it is safe to say that they are obsessed with these squishy balls and they make a great distraction from temper tantrums or outbursts.

Parachute Man – who doesn’t love throwing these down the stairs or out the window to see if they float gently down to earth.

YoYo’s – we love YoYo’s and mine are getting quite good at the tricks now too

Crayons – great for younger children who love to colour

Balloons – what child doesn’t love a balloon

I would also add a small pack of Haribo or Moams and of course that very important slice of cake too.

What do you put in your party bags?

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