What to Pack for a Festival: The Essentials

Packing for a festival is a daunting task and not one to leave to the last minute – you want to start your festival experience right, which means being prepared and relaxed with time to spare.

As well as the obvious things you need such as a tent, sleeping bag and roll mat, plus a pair of good wellies, your ticket for entry, and a form of identification, there are a few extras for both guys and girls that we consider essential for a comfortable and enjoyable festival experience. Also make sure your Minibus or Coach has enough luggage space.

Our festival essentials include:

Festival Essentials for Guys


Let’s not beat around the bush: you’re having a fantastic time with friends, perhaps even that special someone, are the alcohol is flowing – things happen, and it’s important you’re prepared to prevent any unwelcome surprises. For peace of mind, pack a box of condoms and use them.

First Aid Kit

You don’t need to take a full first aid kit with you; however, it never hurts to pack a few bandages and plasters, and some soothing cream such as Germolene, just in case you fall and cut up your knees, for instance. Outdoors, cuts can get infected quickly so always cover any scratches.


For both guys and girls, deodorant is essential and, used in combo with wet wipes, will make sure you stay fresh for the duration of the festival – your campmates will thank you for it, too.

CrowdCube Festival Scene


If you’re planning to flick between just one or two sets of clothing during the festival, make sure you pack a small bottle of Febreze, or similar bacteria-busting spray, to keep your clothes fresh. Remember to spray up before entering the minibus.


Especially if you’re the life of the party, pack a Frisbee so you can kick things up in the evening, before you head towards the music, and meet the people camping around you with a game of frisbee. If you’ve had one or two too many, be extra careful not to trip over tent pegs and strings.

Festival Essentials for Girls

Diva Cup

Generally, at festivals, there isn’t anywhere with facilities that meet your monthly feminine needs so, whether you’re expecting to be ‘on’ or not, have a diva cup ready and waiting just in case.

Baby Powder

Over the duration of a festival, whether it’s just a couple of nights or a week, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, in which case the tops of your legs may begin to chafe. To prevent being uncomfortable and, in severe cases, in pain, regularly apply baby powder to your legs. You can also use baby powder as a dry shampoo, saving you a few pounds on branded dry shampoo.


Wet Wipes

A festival essential if you’re not planning to shower during the festival, using wet wipes every morning will keep you feeling and looking fresh and presentable, and a smile on your face.

Ear Plugs

If you struggle to sleep around noise, you’ll want to pack a pair of earplugs so, come bedtime – whether that be midnight or early hours – you can get some kip, so you’re ready for the next day. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling sluggish, groggy and, therefore, grumpy at a festival. Use the ear plugs when travelling if you have the typical noisy neighbours.

Insect Repellent

You might love your short-shorts and crop top, however, at a festival, you’re going to be bitten to death unless you use insect repellent. Use repellent every morning and evening to keep the critters away. If you do get bitten, apply a soothing cream and don’t scratch to prevent infection.

No matter what festival you’re heading to, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable, comfortable time if you pack correctly. After all, camping doesn’t need to be a disaster and, if you’re well-prepared, can be a bundle of laughs. Also, check the festivals’ list of things you shouldn’t take, too – such as glass bottles, fireworks, and sound systems – and make sure you’re not breaching any rules.

Make sure you have enough luggage space

One of the biggest bugbears is having to travel in a cramped auto, make sure your minibus has ample space for your backpack, tents, toiletries and crates of beer. You can also go extra-luxury and travel using a ‘VIP Coach’ this includes a wash room, tables and reclining seats.

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