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There is no denying it, the first Bank Holiday of the year is upon us which is traditionally the time to start all those little DIY jobs that need doing or have a good old spring clean.

With the days getting warmer we have thrown open our doors and windows, cleaned the garden toys and encouraged the kids to play outside whilst we get on with the cleaning.

Probably my least favourite job is cleaning windows, but thanks to a fabulous offer in Homebase, hubby has just bought a Karcher Window Cleaner at half price.  It almost makes me want to clean the windows myself but I wouldn’t want to take that job from him.

My job is cleaning the appliances – we probably don’t do it often enough but you do need to empty and clear filters regularly and I do notice that they clean better once I have done this.

It may not be the prettiest subject, but with 70 per cent of the country experiencing hard water, limescale is one of the most common household nuisances. What’s more, it can reduce the lifespan of your favourite appliances, making it an expensive issue too and we live in a hard water area.

We have a Kinetico water filter system installed in our house which softens the water in the whole house and helps prevent limescale, but I still need to treat our appliances a couple of times a year.

Luckily, OUST’s range of descalers are quick, easy-to-use and ideal for ousting even the nastiest limescale from the home, find out more here and we were sent some to try.



The one I was most looking forward to trying was the Tap & Showerhead Descaler as this is notoriously hard to treat.  It comes with an innovative applicator brush and is formulated to reach every nook and cranny.  The gel clings to and rids even the most stubborn limescale and our showerhead ran better after I had use this.

The OUST Limescale Remover Spray was also used in the shower but this time on the glass door.  We use a Shower Shine to try and keep the limescale at bay, but it still builds up after a while.  This cleared all the watermarks with minimal effort and with a zesty, citrus smell, smelt better than its other competitiors.

Whilst limescale may not always be visible, you must not overlook your dishwasher and washing machine.  Not only can regular descaling and cleaning prolong the appliances life, it can also reduce your energy bills.  OUST Dishwasher and & Washing Machine Descaler removes odours, grease and food deposits as well as breaking down detergent build up as it descales.  I have to say my washing machine and dishwasher were sparkling clean after using this.

OUST also sent me their best cleaning tips:

  • For reaching nooks and cranny’s, try using blu-tack to clean computer keyboards or hard to reach areas on appliances
  • Using fabric softener sheets inside shoes or under seats in cars covers up and prevents bad smells
  • To remove rust from the inside of a dishwasher pour 1/4 cup of orange juice inside and run a regular cycle
  • Baby wipes are miracle workers on carpet stains, from motor oil to blood, they remove almost anything

What are your best cleaning tips?

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