Operation: Escape Room – Game Review

Operation Escape Room

With the popularity of escape rooms climbing in the UK (we have 5 to choose from in Bournemouth alone), we have yet to find one locally that is child friendly, so when Smyths Toy Store offered the chance to review Operation: Escape Room, we jumped at the chance.

The kids love challenge games, whether it is completing a quest or mission, or just finding the answer to a question, it can make a day out seem much more fun. Operation: Escape Room gives the opportunity to make your home into your very own escape room.

Operation Escape Room

The game requires some assembly when you get it out of the box, which takes around 5 minutes. Simply build the key cage and the lucky spinner and pop 2 x AAA batteries into the timer strap and you are good to go.


The game requires a minimum of 2 players, although is more fun with more and is aimed at children aged 6 and over.

Escape room Game

The first mission is to choose a teammate to wear the escape belt and work together to free them. Isaac and Eliza decided to try to save Sebby, as at 5 he is a little bit young to complete the challenges, but he did help them.


To start the mission, lock the belt on a player and set the timer on the belt.

Escape room

You then have to try to hook the first key out of the challenge box, which is not as easy as it looks.

Next are 45 colour coded cards with challenges to complete. Green = easy, Amber = Intermediate , Red = Hard.


The strategy challenge has players completing mathematical puzzles, finding patterns and solving problems to crack the code. The skill challenge tests your ability to navigate a maze, while the luck challenge leaves it all up to chance.

Challenge Escape Room

You have to put the code number from the card onto the dial and then spin the letter wheel to the correct answer. Answer 3 questions correctly and it will release the next key.

Completing each challenge earns you one of the three keys you need to release your teammate.


If you can not complete all tasks in time, the player wearing the belt stays captured and everyone loses, don’t panic though, there is a safety release button, just in case.

Escape room challenge

The instructions were not quite as clear as they could have been and the game was a bit of trial and error at first, but we soon go the hang of it and started making the game more difficult by hiding the tasks around the house.


It is very satisfying completing the final challenge and seeing the belt pop off when the release button is pushed, especially if you are racing to beat the timer.

Both Isaac and Eliza thoroughly enjoyed this game and I think it will be very popular when friends come round to play, or at Christmas time with all the family.

Operation: Escape Room is available at Smyths Toys Superstore for an RRP of £19.99.

18 thoughts on “Operation: Escape Room – Game Review

  1. Crystal says:

    This game sounds super fun for the children who love the challenge. It would make an excellent gift for christmas for many young kids.

  2. bryanna says:

    what a fun idea for a game! and I bet they are good practice for getting in the mindset for a real one when you find one 🙂

  3. I like the idea here. Escape rooms are so popular these days.

  4. Such a great gift idea especially with Christmas coming up! I love the actual escape rooms!

  5. Such as great gift idea especially with Christmas coming up! I love the actual escape rooms!
    elizabeth allcock recently posted…The Bulls Head Meriden ReviewMy Profile

  6. oh this looks so good and must be nerve racking if you cant get the combo! lol

  7. Ooo this looks super fab. bringing escape rooms into the home, a fab gift for christmas xx

  8. You are absolutely right about escape rooms, they are everywhere at the moment! That’s definitely gonna help make this game a big thing I think, as there will be a lot of families wanting to give something like this a go. Looks like a fun game, I’m sure it will be popular for Christmas.

  9. Sarah Bailey says:

    OK now this sounds like a fun game! I like the idea of bringing the brain teasers of an escape room into the home as well.
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Tips for Exercise to Improve Mental HealthMy Profile

  10. This is such a cool game, I’ve seen an adults version of this with a proper lock which also looks very cool x

  11. Patrick says:

    I can see this being the next BIG THING this Christmas….a game that uses brainpower for reflexes,who would have thought in this day and age!
    Patrick recently posted…Have Cheetah,Will View #244 – “Molly” (2018)My Profile

  12. Anosa says:

    Operation Escape room sounds like such a lovely game for the kids, I am yet to visit a local escape room too, mostly because am scared lol.
    Anosa recently posted…Authentic Bubble Tea @ Quaker StreetMy Profile

  13. I love the idea of making an escape room into something to play at home!

  14. Nadia says:

    This sounds like great fun. A good Christmas present for my son who loves keys.

  15. That looks like a great game. I love an escape room !

  16. Kate says:

    That looks like such a fun game, I bet the kids in my family would love playing it at Christmas this year! I might have to add it to our Christmas list!

  17. Jon says:

    Wow! What a fantastic idea! I’ve have been all over this as a kid!

  18. Gingey Bites says:

    Ah that looks like alot of fun and a great idea for my neice’s christmas present!

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