No – you DON’T need a bigger house!

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Have you accumulated a wide range of belongings over the years? If so, you may find yourself walking under and over things just to get from room-to-room. It’s easy to build up a collection of knick-knacks and personal treasures, but if you’re thinking of buying a bigger house to accommodate it all – stop right there! The more space you have the more you’re likely to buy, so here’s how to free up room sensibly.

Make the most of storage facilities

If you find it hard to throw things away but realise your home has become a little overcrowded – fear not. Companies like Ready Steady Store offer a wide range of storage units that are safe, secure and the ideal place to put your much-loved/needed items for long or short periods of time.

Protected around the clock by a reliable security system you can ensure your belongings will be well cared for and as you can access them whenever you wish there won’t be a problem if you need to dig something out at a later date. The amount of storage space you hire will depend on your personal needs, of course, but with such fantastic units going at great prices there’s no need to live in a cramped environment.

Have a good declutter and sort out

According to a recent survey by market research group ICM, Britain is a nation of hoarders with one in five households admitting to having enough clutter to fill an entire room. Over 65s are believed to be the worst with one in ten overwhelmed by the amount of items in their homes and one in 20 admitting that they’ve tripped over clutter left lying on the floor and such like.

As humans we can become attached to certain things, but when you can’t see the carpet it might be time to do something about this little problem. Having a good declutter is not only good for the soul but it will also leave your property looking a lot cleaner and tidier. You’ll have less things gathering dust and can really decide what things are special to you and what you can get rid of.

Recycle/sell old products

While some items might need to see the bin, others could sell well online or at one of the many car boot sales dotted across the UK. If you don’t fancy transporting all your unwanted things from A to B, you could even hold your own garage sale and invite local residence to relieve you of your goods. Price things up properly and you also make a bit of money from all your household clutter.

Old clothes, shoes, bags and such like can also be taken to charity shops such as Oxfam and The British Heart Foundation is always looking for furniture donations. Recycling bins also provide the perfect place to pop unwanted items, so think outside the box and put your goods to good use elsewhere.

Whether you choose to place your belongings in storage, sell them, donate them or pop them in recycling facilities you’re certainly free up some space at home – and that’s got to be good news, right?

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