New Year Hair Detox with Nanogen

7-in-1 Fibres Healthy hair (1)

Nanogen is a luxury range of hair thickening and volumising products that are the perfect solution for stressed, dried and overworked hair after the Christmas festivities.

The New Year is a great opportunity to try a new routine – from top to toe – and as we re-evaluate our diet and exercise regimes, it’s also a good moment to reflect on the health of our tresses and give them the TLC they deserve.

Winter Hair and Scalp Warning:

The cold of the winter months can be drying on your hair and scalp, resulting in straw-like hair and a flaky scalp – all which can be contributing factors to hair thinning. The solution? Using Nanogen Hair Fibres in conjunction with Nanogen’s healthy scalp supporting products.

  • Treat your scalp for long-term hair health and detox with the range of Nanogen thickening shampoos, conditioners and the Hair Hydrator
  • Conceal with the high-quality Natural Keratin Hair Fibres to cosmetically enhance your hair without blocking hair follicles or causing hair shaft damage
  • Experiment with hair styling – use the Hair Fibres as a novel and gentle way to create and hold your hair in place with the Root Boost Spray.

Nanogen’s renowned Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect solution to add fullness and thickness to fine or thinning hair by camouflaging wide partings, receding hairline or thinning areas. Kinetic™ technology ensures the fibres blend naturally to your hair and stay in place all day.  Available in a range of 10 natural shades to fit a variety of hair types.

Nanogen’s Detox Hair and Scalp Solution:

Nanogen reveals its ‘Top 5 Winter Hair Savours’ – the key ingredients that will nourish your scalp and let you say ‘Hello New Year! Hello thick and healthy hair!’

When you think of protein you think muscle gains. Well Keratin is a natural protein that provides hair with moisture, body and therefore an instant thickening effect. Keratin = hair gains! The reason for this is cysteine, an amino acid gives keratin its unique strengthening and protecting qualities.
Find Keratin in: Keratin Hair Fibres, all Shampoos, Root Boost and Hair Hydrator

Despite the science-y name, beta-glucan is a natural compound extracted from plants and is shown to stimulate growth, collagen and improves hair’s strength, all of which help to reduce breakage. It also reduces the appearance of redness and gives gentle relief from itchy and irritated scalps.
Find Beta-Glucan in: 5-IN-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men, 7-IN-1 Shampoo for Women and Conditioner for Women

Those into their skincare will know how popular this powerhouse ingredient is. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to hold 1000x its own weight in water. This means intense hydration for the hair follicle and the scalp, helping cells to hold onto water and leaving the surface plumped and hydrated. This leaves hair nourished and shiny.
Find Hyaluronic Acid in: Hair Hydrator and Conditioner for Women

Pollution can be a big cause of stress to your hair. This antioxidant powerhouse helps to protect hair follicles from the inflammatory effects of free radical damage, to soothe an irritated scalp. Green tea extract protects the hair from pollution to minimise damage it may cause the hair and scalp.
Find Green Tea Extract in: Root boost, Hair Hydrator and all Shampoos

Say goodbye to ‘hat hair’! This vitamin B5 derivative works as a humectant, attracting water from the air and utilising it to improve hair lustre, while nourishing the hair follicle. Hair is visibly moisturised and shiny, with less static and fly-aways.
Find Panthenol in: 5-IN-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for Men, 7-IN-1 Shampoo for Women, Conditioner for Women, Hair Hydrator and Root Boost.

Thanks to the team at Nanogen, I have a 7-IN-1 Shampoo for Women and Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres in the shade that matches the winners hair colour to giveaway to two lucky readers.

7-in-1 Fibres Healthy hair (1)

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  • Complete the Mandatory Option** – Answer the Question – Visit and tell me which shade you would choose if you won
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56 thoughts on “New Year Hair Detox with Nanogen

  1. kelly glen says:

    dark brown shade

  2. I would choose 04 dark brown which is closest to my natural colour

  3. Sophie Roberts says:

    I would choose dark brown shade number 4, it looks lovely

  4. Amy Bondoc says:

    light brown x

  5. Sylvia Paul says:

    The link isn’t working but I would choose dark brown

  6. Laura Wheatley says:

    Light brown for my lovely Mum who has lost her confidence so much over thinning hair

  7. Jo F says:

    I’d go for the dar brown shade

  8. chloe brill says:

    light brown

  9. Geri Gregg says:

    I’d choose medium brown 🙂

  10. Vivien Baird says:

    I would choose 05 medium brown

  11. debbie gilbert says:

    Light blonde for me

  12. Ellen Stafford says:

    I would choose light or medium brown (the page isn’t working for me)

  13. Clara says:

    Light brown

  14. Helen Arlow says:

    The page won’t load for me. I’d choose a mid blonde shade x

  15. Jessica Slater says:

    The link isn’t loading the page but I would pick a shade for darkblonde/light brunette hair.

  16. Liane Amos Mrs says:

    06 for me

  17. Ms C Bryan says:

    I would choose dark brown and auburn

  18. Helen Tovell says:

    09 dark blonde would be mine thank you

  19. Teresa Lee says:

    I’d choose Black…Thanks

  20. Marycarol says:

    I’d choose light brown

  21. Tina H says:

    Shade dark brown or black would be perfect for my moody locks.

  22. cat says:

    05 medium brown for me

  23. Lisa Pope says:

    Shade 04 Dark Brown

  24. michelle o'neill says:

    I would choose black

  25. Liza Park says:

    Light blonde x

  26. M Green says:

    Shade 9 – Dark blonde

    Amazing giveaway- good luck everyone!

  27. Dale Dow says:

    The link is coming up as not found but I would choose the light blonde

  28. Emily Hutchinson says:

    dark blonde

  29. Ursula Hunt says:

    I would choose medium brown

  30. Maggie Coates says:

    The hyperlink on your rafflecopter did not work for me, but I would choose medium brown

  31. Hayley Wakenshaw says:

    Shade number 5, Medium Brown for my other half who’s lovely hair has been thinning lately

  32. Kelly Knowles says:

    Light blonde is my natural shade

  33. Megan Kinsey says:

    I think I’d go for medium brown.

  34. Sarah Ann says:

    I’d go for medium brown.

  35. Laura banks says:

    medium brown

  36. Tracy Nixon says:

    Light blonde

  37. Gemma Clark says:

    Dark brown or black

  38. Elaine Savage says:

    Sounds like an exciting innovative product, I would choose Light Brown

  39. Katie Prior says:

    It would have to be light brown for me

  40. Alex Fowler says:

    medium brown

  41. Jennifer Towers says:

    Dark blonde!

  42. Amanda w says:

    I’d go shade 10 blonde! I’m in process of going lighter so this would be ace for when I get to the colour I want!

  43. David says:

    Hello, If I was lucky enough to win then I would choose the dark brown shade no.4 for my daughter. Thank you.

  44. Kim Neville says:

    Medium brown

  45. ashleigh allan says:

    Brown for me please!

  46. Kimberley Harris says:

    Shade 06 Light Brown.

  47. Jemma Cutts says:

    Dark brown for me

  48. Elizm says:

    brown for me

  49. Susan Smith says:

    Brown for me

  50. Solange says:


  51. Stephanie Molphy says:

    Light blonde

  52. Carly Belsey says:

    I would choose shade 10 for blonde as i am currently red but going blonde in 2 weeks 🙂 Fab products

  53. Iain maciver says:


  54. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Brown -great range

  55. Julia Kerr says:

    It would be black for me, look like really high quality products

  56. melanie stirling says:

    shade 09 for dark blonde hair.

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