All new Mixit Magazine for Girls

Mix It Magazine

My kids love getting magazines to read and Isaac devours ones such as WWE, Lego and Dr Who.

Eliza on the other hand has yet to find any loyalty to one particular magazine, until now. New Mixit magazine from DJ Murphy Publishing is a brand new and totally unique multi-character magazine for girls aged 4-9.

Mixit features all the hottest new brands that Eliza loves, such as Shopkins, DC Superhero Girls, Lego Friends and other much-loved classics.

The interactive and fun-packed magazine includes stories, quizzes, cartoons, things to make, bake and do, collectible posters, games and more!

Mixit Magazine

Of course getting FREE branded cover gifts and branded stickers with every issue is also appealing to little girls too. Eliza adored the child safe nail varnish and stickers and is patiently waiting for the school holidays to begin so we can do her nails, but the dance wand has been in use already.

So what makes Mixit stand out from the crowd?

It’s a toy and digital-led girls’ magazine, with a strong focus on collectables and ‘unboxing’. It exclusively features key influencers and box-openers from the vlogging community, Emily Tube and Creative Celeste whom Eliza loves to watch on YouTube.

Mixit Magazine

My kids love their technology but I am keen to get a good balance between real life and what you can find online and this magazine encourages Eliza to read, helps keep her brain stimulated with word searches and quizzes, whilst indulging her love of the online world too.

Issue 2 is on sale in newsagents and supermarkets from the 20th of July and issue 3 from the 10th of August.

10 thoughts on “All new Mixit Magazine for Girls

  1. Jen Walshaw says:

    I know a little girl that would adore this. So much fun

  2. I’ve not seen this one yet but I already know Emmy will love it

  3. I am glad that Eliza has found a new magazine that is as entertaining as it is educational which is a really good balance to find x

  4. Jenni says:

    I’ve not heard about this magazine before! It looks great! I bet my nanny children would LOVE this!

  5. Looks like a great magazine. The free gifts are going to be very popular!

  6. this looks good – a little old for my daughter yet but one to look out for in the future xx

  7. Jenny says:

    My 5 year old loves this magazine, especially the YouTube feature!

  8. Sarah says:

    This magazine sounds great, my little girl would love it when shes a bit older! On a side note, I just spotted Powerpuff Girls! I love that they have brought them back, but they still look like they used to! Haha

  9. I’ve only just heard of this magazine, but it looks like it would be perfect for my little princess when she’s a bit older!

  10. Rachel says:

    This is quite a good sounding magazine and a good break away from online technology. My nieces and nephews are YouTube obsessed!

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