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Back in the 1990’s I was a huge fan of the hit sitcom Friends, which followed the merry misadventures of six 20-something pals as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life and love in 1990s Manhattan.

In a world before TV streaming services, I would make sure I was home for the latest episode, but thankfully now it is a bit easier to watch as the entire series is available to watch on Netflix.

Friends is still as popular today as it was then and Pyramid International have brought out a range of FRIENDS merchandise, a perfect nostalgic gift for a lover of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler.

The 625ml Central Perk coffee cup, looks just like the ones used in the show and is perfect for days when only a large cappuccino will perk you up!

For tea lovers, there is a range of quote mugs to choose from, including “We were on a break”, “You’re my lobster” and of course, that infamous Joey phrase “How You Doin'”.

For coffee (or tea) on the go, there is also the Eco Travel Mug as well as notebooks, cookie jars, coasters and artwork.

But if you’re looking for coffee to go, then that’s also covered, with the Eco Travel Mug which is made from bio plastic. Handy if you’re out and about and still want to enjoy your favourite hot drink.

8 thoughts on “New Friends Gift Ideas from Pyramid International

  1. I used to love watching Friends every Wednesday night with my sister. We we just teenagers back then, and we used to make it a little girly night together, with coffee and marshmallow too!

  2. Fatima says:

    I love giving gifts and I’m always looking for new ideas to surprise friends! These are great suggestions!

  3. Oh my goodness I love the Central Perk coffee cup! I need one!

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I loved Friends too, back in the 90s, and I’m so glad it’s still as popular as ever. My nearly teenage daughter is now a fan!
    Elizabeth recently posted…Game of Thrones Inspired Triple Crown Roast of LambMy Profile

  5. Laura Dove says:

    Oh I love Friends, I am a bit of a super fan! These all look fun and I really want the mug now!


    My friends and I used to love watching Friends it was a great series. The new gifts are great and give me an idea for at least one birthday present this year.

  7. Friends was just coming out as I started High School, I can recall so many conversations about what happened in the episodes. It’s wonderful to think that it is still loved 25 years later

  8. Winsze says:

    These are an amazing collection, I love the look of the pyramid International mug! I must admit I never was keen on Friends growing up but now I’ve started watching it with my housemate on Netflix – I don’t know why I didn’t watch it sooner, it’s definitely a feel good series!

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