New Feisty Pets Characters and Vinyl Toys


We are big fans of Feisty Pets and last Halloween, they were our Halloween trick when out Trick or Treating.

With a simple squeeze behind their head, these plush toys go from cute to terrifying in seconds.

Each Feisty Pet also has their own character – Cranky Cathy, the black cat, likes: Ding-Dong Ditching, Dumpster Diving, Black Licorice.

However, she dislikes: Daylight, Superheroes and Pumpkins, so not sure that taking her to a field full of Pumpkins was such a good idea!

The pink plush is Tammy Twinkletush – an Alicorn who loves manicures, jalapeno peppers and frenemies, but dislikes Horses, orange jelly and daffodils.

New for this year are the smaller, vinyl Feisty Pets where you press their heads to change them from sweet to feisty.

Like their plush counterparts, these little 10cm Feisty Pets have their own likes and dislikes.

Ferdinand Flamefart is a cute green dragon who likes Burning Stuff, Damsels in Distress, Roasting Marshmallows, but dislikes firefighters, Airplanes, Knights.

Ginormous Gracie the giraffe likes webcams, sunroofs, legwarmers but dislikes whiplash, infinity and meerkats.

Feisty Pets are great fun and the kids love to scare their friends with them. They are available in Smyths Toy Store and Amazon and have an RRP of £14.99 for the plush and £4.99 for the Vinyl Pets.

13 thoughts on “New Feisty Pets Characters and Vinyl Toys

  1. My daughter loves them, they make her laugh so much.

  2. Jenni says:

    Those things are truly terrifying, I’ve seen them in the shops. I hope my kids never get given one.
    Jenni recently posted…Local History at Linlithgow MuseumMy Profile

  3. Laura Haley says:

    These are so cute. I love the likes and dislikes the maker has added.

  4. These look like a lot of fun. My Erin would definitely like them.

  5. Louise says:

    These are such a fun concept! I think the dragon looks adorable. Did the cat forgive you for taking it to a pumpkin field.

  6. Claire says:

    I love these! Every time we see them in the shops the kids go mad for them!

    I think they might have to make their way to the christmas list x

  7. Sarah Howe says:

    These are perfect for Halloween! I love how they go from super cute to quite scary!! Bet my girls would love.


    These are great for kids. Mine want to have some of the teddy ones. I didn’t realise they did the vinyl ones, I bet they’d go down with my lot too. They’re great for Halloween gifts!

  9. I’m not site whether to like these or not, they are certainly different from other things I’ve seen.

  10. Olivia Jade says:

    Haha, last year I got a Unicorn one of these. I remember scaring the life out of my dad with it, he was never expecting the face!

  11. Love the new range of Feisty Pets, cranky Cathy looks awesome. My kids love Feisty Pets and have asked for some more for Christmas so great that there are new characters to get.
    Elizabeth Williams recently posted…Snuggle Seat – reviewMy Profile

  12. I’m loving the new characters. My kids are desperate for some Feisty Pets, might have to get them a couple for Christmas.

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    I don’t know why but these always make me laugh. The difference in their faces once you have pressed them is just so funny. I love that they have bought out some different ones!
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Revamp Your Wardrobe For AutumnMy Profile

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