New Caribbean Cove at Weymouth Sealife

Caribbean Cove

In December we visited Weymouth Sea Life Centre to see Father Christmas and whilst we were there we noticed that all the rides had been removed and were intrigued by what might be replacing them.

Fast forward three months and the site has been transformed into a tropical playground that kids will adore.

We were invited to be some of the first people to visit the new Caribbean Cove, which opens to the public on 1st April.

Caribbean Cove

It is set to be Dorset’s largest adventure playground, where children will be able to have fun exploring and learning about the importance of marine conservation with Tyler the Turtle.

Caribbean Cove

The play area is shaped just like a Caribbean Cove and if you climb to the top of the climbing frame you can spot rays, jellyfish, octopus and turtles swimming around on the floor.

Caribbean Cove

There are even waves to jump or surf on, on the floor.

Caribbean Cove

There is a large sand pit where you can dig to find and protect turtle eggs.

Caribbean Cove

In the park you will find the huge Calypso Heights climbing frame with nine remarkable towers, five fun slides, nets to clamber across and lots of activity stops as you climb through the trail.

Calypso Heights

Sebby’s favourite was the Sail away Galleon Ship where you can climb aboard and sail away on an exciting adventure on the Caribbean.

Caribbean Cove

Watch out for a shark encounter and get up close and personal with jaws and venture through Caribbean Cove’s very own shark tunnel.

Caribbean Cove

Travel across Canyon Bridge and imagine being suspended amongst the tree tops of the Caribbean jungle – are you brave enough to look down?

Caribbean Cove

Have an underwater adventure in the Oceanic Octopus Crawl Tunnel and imagine yourself swimming along the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean sea bed, or in Eliza’s case, just stand on top of it and survey your kingdom.

Caribbean Cove

The flooring is all laid to spongy playground material in bright Caribbean colours and calypso music plays in the background to add to the atmosphere.

Caribbean Cove

For the adults there is a Costa coffee shop with huge windows so you can sit inside and watch the kids. Picnic tables and huge log benches dotted around the park and they have laid a lawn picnic area behind Calypso Towers and where the old log flume used to be.

Caribbean Cove

The toilets have been refurbished and feature seats which have toddler seats attached to them as well as baby changing areas and some of the arcade games remain.

Caribbean Cove

The kids didn’t seem to notice that the old rides had vanished, they were too busy having fun.

Caribbean Cove

We visited on a beautifully sunny March day and the park proved to be a real a sun trap, with us all stripping down to t-shirts as it was so warm. My concern is that in the summer it is going to be very, very hot with no shade to hide in when it all gets a bit much.

Caribbean Cove

All in all though, we love the new addition to Weymouth Sea Life Centre which will make the park a real go-to destination in the summer. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costumes for the splash park.

Caribbean Cove

Check out what Isaac, Charlie, Megan, Eliza, Olive and Sebby thought of the park in my short video:

Entry to the Caribbean Cove is included in your entry ticket which cost from £14 per person. You can also gain entry using a Merlin Annual Pass which cost from £139 per person, per year, or a SeaLife Annual pass from £45 per person, per year.

Caribbean Cove have a new competition featuring Tyler the Turtle!  A large statue has been made and he will be going out and about on ‘Tyler the Turtle trails’ around Dorset throughout April encouraging people to send in their selfie snaps with him with the hashtag #caribbeancove for the chance to win an annual family pass and vip visit at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park!!

Get snapping!

15 thoughts on “New Caribbean Cove at Weymouth Sealife

  1. My Two Mums says:

    Wow it looks great. Will have to take M when it’s sunny.

  2. Cass Bailey says:

    This looks amazing – definitely somewhere you could go back to again and again x x

  3. Skye Boden says:

    You took some amazing images and the kids seemed to really be enjoying it!

  4. Lovely photos. My kids would feel very at home in the play area.

  5. This looks amazing! We are going at summer, I can’t wait!!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Looks a super play area, and it looks like it was summer in these pictures! I can see many happy children filling that up, and having a great day.

  7. this looks like a brilliant play area – lots to explore and have fun with

  8. This looks perfect for my boys and we’re heading to Dorset this summer for our hols. Will check it out, so pleased I saw this 🙂

  9. Aww, this looks like a great place for the kids. I bet they loved it. So much for them to see and do here 🙂

  10. Erica Price says:

    Wow that’s a really amazing playground! No wonder the kids loved it.

  11. Lindsey says:

    What a magical playground and so much for the kids to do. My daughter wuold love it. x

  12. This looks AMAZING! I do love visiting the seal life centres but haven’t seen one with such a cool play area

  13. Jen says:

    I love playgrounds with so much imagination and thought it in all. Perfect for children to have their adventures. Just a shame it’s so far away from us!

  14. I love this sort of thing for the kids – can you imagine how great this will be in the height of summer with great temperatures!!!

  15. Oh Wow! This place looks so cool! I can’t wait for my little one to be old enough to be able to visit places like this 🙂

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