New Car Safety Measures Are Set to Improve Family Driving

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The European Commission has put in place plans to makes sure that all new cars for sale in Europe are fitted with 11 safety measures by 2021. Many new vehicles already include some of these safety features as standard, for others they are optional while many still don’t have any of them. Research claims that making these 11 safety measures mandatory should save over 7,000 lives and prevent even more serious injuries. For families, these should make driving in the future even safer for young children, the elderly and everyone else.

Autonomous Driving Technology

Many new cars are already introducing elements of autonomous driving technology, with parking assistance present in a lot, for example. Lane keeping assistance, advanced emergency braking (AEB) and intelligent speed assistance are three autonomous driving features which the European Commission wants to make mandatory by 2021 on all new cars. AEB monitors the road ahead and applies the brakes automatically when required, while speed assistance uses traffic sign recognition and the car’s speed limiter to keep it safe.

Safety Glass

Protecting those outside the car as well as in it, safety glass is designed to make vehicles safer in the event of a crash with pedestrians and cyclists. Most windscreens are already designed to offer high levels of safety, but this special safety glass should reduce the number of cyclist and pedestrian fatalities on Europe’s roads. It may only be a small change, but it should hopefully be very effective.

Information Recording

Much like aeroplanes, there are plans for all new cars to be fitted with their own version of a ‘black box’. The idea is that the event data recorder will log telematics that can be reviewed following a collision. Not only will this help with insurance claims, but it should prevent dangerous drivers from getting away with it. Plus, wired-in interlocks will require previously banned drivers to provide a clean breath sample before driving.

Advanced Technology Features

A lot of new cars include other modern technology features. Some of these could soon become mandatory, such as a reversing camera that sis also designed to reduce the number of accidents involving pedestrians walking behind cars. Drowsiness and distraction monitoring technology is another, aimed at keeping those behind the wheel awake on long journeys, hot days and more. These are all simple to use and have great safety benefits for both young and old drivers.   

Optional Extras

There are still many more car safety features being introduced, that while they may not be mandatory, should improve the safety of your family when driving. Safety Exit Assist is ideal for those with small children, as it temporarily stops kids from opening the back doors when vehicles (including bikes) are approaching from behind (essentially an extension of blind spot monitoring). While adaptive cruise control can make driving a lot easier when you’ve got noisy children in the back, to improve your safety.

If you’re looking for a new car soon, it’s worth seeking one out with as many of these new car safety features as possible, as they will eventually become standard anyway.

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    When people started riding their car they sometimes forget about the safety thus make accident. A great speed limiter tools will help them in that way what I think.

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