New BABY Secrets from Zapf Creation

Baby Secrets

New on the scene, is a pocket-money toy that brings exciting characters with big personalities.

Baby Secrets is the new collectible from Zapf Creation, designed for girls and boys aged 4 and over.

From painter baby complete with a paintbrush, to party baby with a sash and a party hat, they each come ready to share their own secrets.

Baby Secrets

Bath your Baby Secrets in water and watch to see if their nappy changes to pink or blue, revealing if they are a boy or a girl. Each pack includes a baby figure, bathtub, birth certificate and a collectors checklist, so you can name your new arrivals.

Baby Secrets

Look out for rare, ultra rare and limited edition figures to make your collection complete.

Baby Secrets

At £2.99 each these are great pocket-money toys. There are 50 different baby characters to collect, plus an interactive Baby Secrets HQ website where you can find out more about each baby.

Baby Secrets activity Packs come in four different varieties and have an RRP of £12.99:

  • Pram Pack
  • Bassinet Pack
  • High Chair Pack
  • Rocking Horse Pack

The pack also comes complete with two exclusive babies, one surprise baby, a bath tub, three birth certificates and a collectors guide.

Baby Secrets are available from The Entertainer, Smyths Toy Stores, Argos and Toymaster.

7 thoughts on “New BABY Secrets from Zapf Creation

  1. My daughter would go crazy for these. She’s just started showing an interest into collectables. I love that they do something unique too.

  2. Nazrin Miah says:

    How cool and innovative is this! I can remember having a crying baby as a child but nowadays the babys give you such a real experience I bet your little one is loving it!

  3. I’m sure if my son saw these he’d want them. These little toys are also grwat for using alongside reward charts or as presents from a fairy for good behaviour. We use the Disney Cars Mini blind packs and they work wonders x

  4. My daughter would love this collection for sure.

  5. Oooh, i’ll be honest… I do find them a little creepy. Although, as a mum to 3 daughters I’m sure it wont be long until I see these in our home!

  6. Oh wow I love the inventions that are created these days – my daughter would find these intriguing 🙂

  7. Nikki Thomas says:

    Aw we have a couple of these and they are really cute, I’m sure my daughter will be adding to her collection soon

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