My favourite way to spend a sunny day outdoors is Kayaking

My favourite way to spend a sunny day outdoors is Kayaking…………

Last year, during the summer, I was introduced to kayaking at Studland.

I didn’t like the idea at first of travelling from the beach to Old Harry’s Rock and then round to the edge of Swanage but as soon as I got in the kayak and out to water I loved it.

It was a hot and sunny day and we got changed into wetsuits to keep us warm.  Before we could go out on the water we had to do some basic training with Guy, the instructor.  It was funny watching people trying to move their paddles on land.

I shared a kayak with my dad so when I got tired I could have a rest.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing how the sea carves out little caverns and tunnels in the cliffs.  It was also good just to see different types of rock which suggests how old the cliffs are and the different sedimentary rocks there are, which we had been learning about at school.


During our journey we stopped to get out at Old Harry’s Rock to have a stretch which also revealed the beauty of the sea.  We clambered out of our kayaks and explored the slippery rocks.  I wish we had a camera and I have asked mum and dad for a Go-Pro for my birthday.

I love kayaking now and have got to go a few more times.  I even took my little brother Isaac although we didn’t paddle as far.


By Kian, age 13

This is Kian’s entry into the MAD Blog Awards Kid Blog of the Year 2014

18 thoughts on “My favourite way to spend a sunny day outdoors is Kayaking”

  1. Kayaking sounds really cool, I have never done it before but I would like to try it. It looked like you were having loads of fun.

  2. i was recently invited for a hen do and morning part of it consisted of kayaking, my answer was no as im pregnant and regardless of me being pregnant or not i would never say yes, im too scared of water or something that might happen to me


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