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Coronation Street

Coronation Street is possibly the most iconic show on British television. It is certainly one of the oldest as it has been running since 1960. Throughout these 54 years it has maintained a core audience who have been enthralled by the show’s constantly twisting story lines and several generations have now grown up watching the show almost religiously.

Coronation Street is actually moving, not the show itself of course, but rather the set is relocating to a new filming site. To celebrate this landmark move, official partners of the show, Gala Bingo, are celebrating their Corrie games with a range of promotions and have also created a list of the best quotes to come out of Weatherfield.

Have Gala included any of your favourites in there?

No but I’ve seen you stood there with a face like a slapped backside, so come on!
This hilarious line was said by Becky McDonald, on December 25th 2010, who was trying to cheer Michelle up after her arch enemy Tracy returns to the cobbles. When trying to get Michelle to go dancing and Michelle’s response being “Have you seen me dance?” Becky left viewers laughing with this response.

I don’t see your gran because she died. You don’t see your daughter because you hit Charlie Stubbs over the head with an ornament.
This one liner came from the much loved Deirdre Barlow on December 25th 2010. The scene happened when Tracy was trying to sympathise with Deirdre as it was her first Christmas without her mother, Blanche. Tracy claimed she understood how Deirdre felt to which Deirdre replied, with a slightly offended tone, this brilliant one liner.

No there’s never been a law about lesbians, I’ve googled it.
Love her or hate her, Sally Webster is one of the shows favourite characters. This quote, from an episode in 2010 stands out as one of Sally’s best.

Where you going Norris? You frightened they’ll want a refund on the confetti? Sit down, all of you. Sit down!
Peter Barlow never seems to have any luck, so when his wife to be, Leanne, was having an affair with old flame Nick, Peter decided to out her on their wedding day. When friends and family tried to leave a roaring Peter shouted this at poor Norris.

I love you, always have and always will…I’m so sorry I have to go
Possibly one of the most moving moments was when Hayley Cropper said this to Roy on the night she died. Fans saw Hayley and Roy coping with the terminal cancer Hayley had, so this moment was truly upsetting.

These quotes reflect the humour, sadness and emotions of the show, but there are so many more to be found with more sinister overtones. The quotes above also detail the way that the writers have managed to capture northern life in Manchester, and it is easy to appreciate the web of metaphors they are capable of creating.

The future of Coronation Street is assured if they maintain the quality of writing and the richness of characters as they move forward, and change location. Gala’s list is only a small taster of the show and there is so much to be enjoyed. The new cobbled streets of Weatherfield will surely bring many wonderful lines to the viewers for years to come.

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  1. Michelle says:

    “I love you, always have and always will…I’m so sorry I have to go”

    Just reading this is making me tear up…

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