Mister Maker and the Shapes Review

Mister Maker

We are big fans of the cast of CBeebies as the kids have all grown up watching them.

We have seen many of them perform live, including, Alex, Andy, Katie, Mr Bloom, the Rhyme Rockets and Sid but one that had eluded us until this year was Mister Maker and we caught our first glimpse of him in the pouring rain at Camp Bestival.

Mister Maker

His show was full of fun and his infamous sidekicks, the Shapes, were there too.

Camp Bestival only shows the highlights of his Mister Maker & The Shapes Live tour, so when I found out it was touring and heading to Bournemouth Pavilion I knew the kids would love it.

In a bizarre twist of fate, it coincided with Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival so we headed into town a little early to see some of the fun in Bournemouth Gardens.

Bournemouth Arts By The Sea

There were lots of weird and wonderful things to see and do, including getting to do their own artwork……

Bournemouth Arts By The Sea

Making their own music…..

Bournemouth Arts By The Sea

….and seeing the bizarre and wonderful artwork that was on display, with much of it highlighting the issue of sea pollution.

Bournemouth Arts By The Sea

It was soon time to head back into the Pavilion, where the kids were handed a piece of coloured paper and waited for the show to start.

Mister Maker

The fabulous supporting cast opened the show with singing and dancing which had the kids joining in from the off.

I had worried about how he was going to keep the kids interested in a theatre show but it is one of the most interactive theatre shows we have seen and every single part got the audience involved with singing along to songs we all know and love, with a Mister Maker twist, clapping and even rolling paper sheets into balls to help create the shapes on stage. 

Mister Maker Live

The kids adored the show and were all inspired by the items that were created. These can be viewed online when you get home, with downloadable instruction sheets to help recreate everything made in the show.

The second half of the show welcomed The Shapes onto the stage, with Circle, Square, Rectangle and Triangle too joining in the fun.

Mister Maker Live

Unlike many other shows you are positively encourage to take photo’s and videos of the onstage antics and the kids joining in. I am only disappointed that I only took my iPhone, but I did manage to catch the kids dancing in the aisles.

Mister Maker

You still have time to catch Mister Maker and the Shapes, as they are touring the UK until 12th November.

Mister Maker
Image Credit: Entertaining Elliot

It was such a hit the kids were singing and dancing all the way home!!


13 thoughts on “Mister Maker and the Shapes Review

  1. Leona says:

    My lo loves cbeebies but we aren’t at mister maker yet. I know we have live shows in our future

  2. Steph says:

    My daughter would go insane if she got to see Mr Maker perform. It’s good to hear it’s all interactive as I’ve often worried about taking her to these things in case she gets bored.

  3. Aww we love mr maker so the kids would have enjoyed this!

  4. London Mumma says:

    The show looks great and I love that there are loads of activities for the kids after.

  5. We went to see this show back in the summer in Newcastle and my children loved it. Mister Maker is so brilliant with children too isn’t he? It sounds like you all had a great time x

  6. Hannah says:

    Sounds great for the kids! Love that they were still singing on the way home 🙂

  7. My kids enjoy the Mister Maker show. They would so love to see him in flesh.

  8. I would love, I mean our boys would love to meet the shapes! Mr Maker is a great entertainer.
    (hubby helping out)

  9. Claire says:

    My children use to love Cbeebies when they were little. This looks like a great day Kara, perfect way of learning colours and shapes too 🙂

  10. Sophie would love this – she is obsessed with the shapes! x

  11. How cool that they got to do their own art work a great way to harness their creativity. Mister Maker shapes looks great x

  12. Anosa says:

    My nephew loves his C-babies {thats what he calles CBeebies} so he would definitely enjoy mister maker and the shapes.

  13. Oh how my niece and nephew terrorise me with Cbeebies! Haha. I’m totally going to end up getting roped into going to one of these live shows.

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