Miles Kelly Convertible Tractor Book Review and Giveaway


It is not often that I get this excited about a book, but this amazing book deserves to me to shout about it from the roof tops!!

Don’t get me wrong, we love a good story and reading to the kids is part of our night-time routine, but this is a book for the daytime and it’s fun fun fun!

How would your little one like to bring farmyard fun into the front room and test drive a new Convertible Tractor to boot?

This Miles Kelly Convertible Tractor is the perfect answer to a rainy day fun as it brings the outdoors, indoors! It is aimed at age 3+ however Sebastian enjoys it as much as Eliza.  He has not reached the age where he can sit still long enough to read a book, however he loves to ‘learn through play’ and happily points to and makes the animal sounds for all the animals he can see.

The beauty of this Convertible Tractor is that it has all the benefits of a book, encouraging kids to read but with the added extra of transforming into, not only a play mat, but a vehicle to stimulate creative play and once playtime has finished the Convertible Tractor can then be easily stored away again as a book leaving no mess to clear up.

Convertible Tractor

Sebastian prefers the book laid out as a play mat and then crawls around pointing to the animals, whereas Eliza is happy reading the story either as the book format or when sat inside the tractor.  The story is about a farmer and when laid out there is a path you can follow which takes you through his day with beautiful illustrations of all your favourite animals as well as farming equipment.

Convertible Tractor

The Convertible Tractor brings something new to the world of children’s books. Farming is enjoyed by both girls and boys and is a great hobby and profession to teach children about, with the aim of inspiring a love of the great outdoors for life! Other popular books in this interactive range include Convertible Train, Convertible Spaceship, convertible Princess Carriage and Convertible Fire Engine. Find them all at

The fabulous team at Miles Kelly have given me another Convertible Tractor to giveaway to one of my readers.

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168 thoughts on “Miles Kelly Convertible Tractor Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Claire Ward says:

    The pink car

  2. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    The Convertible Pirate Ship

  3. George Williamson says:

    Pirate ship

  4. Natalie Gillham says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship 🙂

  5. Hannah Igoe says:

    The space ship

  6. wendy stanger says:

    the pirate ship looks very cool

  7. Jodie W says:

    I really think the convertible tractor would be a huge hit for my boy

  8. Janice Taylor says:

    My Pink Car convertible

  9. JILL FRASER says:

    The pirate ship, for my nephews lad who has been unwell recently, it would cheer him up no end.

  10. Caroline S says:

    Definitely the spaceship for my couple of space cadets!

  11. LEE HARDY says:

    The convertible Tractor

  12. Denielle Nicol says:

    The Princess Carrage

  13. The convertible Tractor!
    Rachel Bustin recently posted…7 Hints and Tips for Writing a Book ReviewMy Profile

  14. Margaret Lee-Roberts says:

    It has to be the fire engine. We have firefighter mania in this house and our little man has his own real helmet, courtesy of his granddad who was in the service.

  15. Amanda Norwood says:

    My nephews would love the convertible Fire Engine or Pirate Ship

  16. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  17. Rebecca Hodson says:

    It would actually be my niece as I can’t have children, and I think she would love the pink car.

  18. Alexandra McGahey says:

    I think my son would like the Bulldozer the most 🙂

  19. amanda davis says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  20. Rebecca hussey says:

    The pirate ship

  21. faye says:

    pirate ship

  22. Vicky Yaxley says:

    The convertible fire engine x

  23. jessica newman says:

    the pirate ship looks fab

  24. Diana Socha says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  25. katie w says:

    the convertible Pirate Ship

  26. sarah says:

    The Pirate Ship

  27. Kate Cass says:

    Well Seb just loves Tractors, mainly because of his grandad, he carries a tractor magazine around with him and tractor was one of his first words! So he would just love this

  28. Pauline Burroughs says:

    The tractor x

  29. colin Anderson says:

    Convertible Tractor

  30. Rachel Craig says:

    Convertible Fire Engine.

  31. Kim M says:

    The Convertible Pink Car

  32. Naomi L says:

    Definitely the tractor…my daughter is going through a tractor and farm-obsessed phase!

  33. karen Howden says:

    the train

  34. jo liddement says:

    The convertible Pirate Ship looks brillient

  35. Diana says:

    Princess Carriage

  36. Victoria B says:

    Princess Carriage

  37. Vera Bahounkova says:

    Love the tractor

  38. Wendy Guy says:

    The tractor for my little farmer.

  39. Katherine Coldicott says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  40. Ray Becker says:

    Pirate Ship.

  41. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I think my twins would like the convertible train

  42. Corinne Peat says:

    Love the tractor

  43. Janice Mackin says:

    My son would love the convertible Pirate Ship.
    Janice Mackin recently posted…Meal Planning Monday 16th MarchMy Profile

  44. Allan Fullarton says:

    The train.

  45. sarah stevens says:

    Convertible Fire Engine children’s book cover – 9781782092018 – Miles Kelly
    Simple story with lots of charming details for kids to find – Convertible Fire Engine – Miles Kelly
    Your child can play inside the card fire engine – Convertible Fire Engine – Miles Kelly
    Convertible Fire Engine

  46. Diane Jackson says:

    Discover the Mega World

  47. ellie spider says:

    the convertible spaceship 🙂
    ellie spider recently posted…+ 365 day 84My Profile

  48. Helen Allan says:

    The Train.

  49. Stacey B says:

    My girls would love the convertible princess carridge 🙂 xx

  50. Kayleigh White says:

    The Spaceship

  51. Andrew Hindley says:

    The Spaceship

  52. Christopher Read says:

    Pirate ship

  53. katie skeoch says:

    The Pirate Ship!

  54. Daniel Stacey says:

    Convertible Spaceship

  55. Kim Styles says:

    The Tractor one for me and my son!!

  56. silvia stoyanova says:

    Pirate ship

  57. Susan Hoggett says:

    the bulldozer

  58. Vicki Weston says:

    Convertible Pink Car

  59. Wendy Smith says:

    The Convertible Pirate Ship

  60. ELZBIETA ZNYK says:

    my daughter would love Convertible Princess Carriage

  61. steph lovatt says:

    4wd so he can drive like mummy and daddy

  62. pamela gossage says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  63. Rhi says:

    Oh my little lad would love these- thanks for the post! My preference is for the pirate ship though 😉 but they all look so much fun

  64. Susan B says:

    The Convertible Bulldozer.

  65. angela edmonds says:

    the convertable fire engine book

  66. Ella L says:

    The train I tink for Archie, mind you any of them are excellent

  67. leanne weir says:

    I think it would be Pirate Ship.

  68. Amy Skinner says:

    The convertible fire engine

  69. Caroline H says:

    I think it would be Pirate Ship.

  70. Tammy Tudor says:

    It has to to be the tractor 🙂

  71. Leanne Perrett says:

    my two boys love playing so much i think they would be happy with any of the books i think the pirate ship and fire engine woul be tops

  72. Rich Tyler says:

    Convertible Fire Engine 🙂

  73. emma falvi says:

    The train book

  74. fozia says:

    The train book

  75. jennifer thorpe says:

    the princess carriage

  76. katherine b says:

    Convertible Pink x

  77. Paula Phillips says:

    The train book.

  78. Kay panayi says:

    The pink car

  79. Julie Ward says:

    The pirate ship

  80. Victoria N says:

    The convertible princess carriage

  81. Allan Smith says:

    The Bulldozer

  82. hali kinson says:


  83. The pirate ship one looks awesome!
    Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows recently posted…WIN!!!! A 3D Jigsaw from HobbycraftMy Profile

  84. Karen Barrett says:

    The Bulldozer, we spend quite a bit of time watching the machinery on a local developement

  85. Corinne Henson says:

    The pirate ship looks pretty good

  86. Matthew Sinclair says:

    My little boy loves tractors so would have to be that one

  87. abigail edkins says:

    defo the convertible spaceship

  88. Nicola Price says:

    The train one for my son. He would love it!

  89. Danielle Cresswell says:

    The Bulldozer my son loves construction vehicles.

  90. Kelly glen says:

    The spaceship.

  91. Gemma Snell says:

    The princess carriage

  92. Zoe G says:

    I like the convertible Princess Carriage

  93. claire blaney says:

    convertible spaceship

  94. Elizabeth Hinds says:

    They are fab! My girls would probably love the Atlas of the World or the Spaceship books the best 🙂

  95. Leanne says:

    The spaceship is awesome!

  96. Susan Hunt says:

    Children’s Atlas of the World

  97. Jen Schofield says:

    The tractor one

  98. Kristina Trick says:

    the Pirate Ship

  99. Probably the Train one!
    Angela McDonald recently posted…Mothers Day #cakebypost with BakerDays!My Profile

  100. Alison Walker says:

    The Tractor

  101. aaron broad says:

    Discover the Mega World looks like good fun (:

  102. Karen Usher says:

    What a great idea! My son and daughter would love the fire engine!

  103. MichelleD says:

    The pirate ship!

  104. Cat Culmer says:

    I think Eli would love the convertible pirate ship

  105. Michelle Banks says:

    my grandaughter would love the tractor x

  106. Victoria L says:

    Fire engine

  107. Alexa says:

    Love the tractor and the fire engine!

  108. Tracey Morgan says:

    Convertible tractor book

  109. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson says:

    Oh my life, my five-year-old would give away his older brother for the convertible tractor book! What a super concept!

  110. melanie stirling says:

    The Pirate ship.

  111. Jamie says:

    The spaceship

  112. Christine Lockley says:

    Wow, they are great and so many to choose from. We’d love the “Convertible Train”

    Great review, thanks for the chance to win x

  113. The tractor. Harry loves them x
    Sharon Powell recently posted…Silent Sunday My Profile

  114. Kelly Simpson says:

    Convertible princess carriage

  115. Lisa says:

    The spaceship – this is such a cool idea!

  116. janine atkin says:

    the spaceship would definitely be a favourite

  117. samantha price says:

    convertible fire engine looks great

  118. Jennifer Toal says:

    The spaceship

  119. Laura Pritchard says:

    My son would love the convertible fire engine.

  120. Lisa Jones says:

    The Pirate Ship 🙂

  121. leigh boyle says:

    the tractor one my little boy would love it!

  122. lynn heath says:

    My son would love the spaceship!

  123. i like Convertible Pink Car
    Victoria Mylittlel recently posted…Lamaze rainbow rings reviewMy Profile

  124. Becca Staples says:

    My twin boys would love the fire engine convertible book x

  125. Samantha Lancaster says:

    Pirate ship x

  126. Harley says:

    The fire engine! Very cool books.

  127. Paula Readings says:

    The pirate ship

  128. Fiona R says:

    Either the school bur or the train 🙂

  129. justine meyer says:

    The spaceship x

  130. Michaela Hannah says:

    The fire engine, he’s fireman mad!

  131. Carol Carroll says:

    The Pirate Ship – my grandson would love this

  132. susan younger says:

    Princess and carriage for my girly girl!

  133. jen morgan says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  134. Rena Plumridge says:

    The Spaceship

  135. pete c says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  136. charlotte qualter says:

    My littlies love playing pirates so the ship would be their favourite

  137. Martina Pichova says:

    My toddler used to be into trains but now he would probably prefer the spaceship.

  138. claire woods says:

    convertible spaceship

  139. Becky John says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  140. Susie Wilkinson says:

    The convertible Four-wheel Drive would be great, just like Daddy’s!!

  141. Amanda Walsh says:

    ohhhhh the pirate ship

  142. Hekna says:

    the pirate ship!

  143. Chrissie Curtis says:

    My Pink Car Convertible

  144. Monica Gilbert says:

    I’d have to go with the Convertible School Bus because my daughter’s obsessed with buses.

  145. kim plant says:

    pirate ship xx

  146. gemma brown says:

    the pirate ship

  147. Heather Harris says:

    the fire engine my grand son would like

  148. Natalie Crossan says:

    Convertible Pirate ship 🙂 xx

  149. Spencer Broadley says:

    The Pirate Ship

  150. Erica Price says:

    The fire engine would be popular.
    Erica Price recently posted…Win £40 to Spend at WallpopsMy Profile

  151. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    The fire engine looks great. 🙂

  152. John Taggart says:

    Convertible Spaceship

  153. iain maciver says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  154. alex fowler says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  155. ashleigh allan says:

    The pirate ship!

  156. Pam Hubbard says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  157. laura stewart says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  158. Paula Barker says:

    The Convertible Fire Engine

  159. Joanna Butler-Savage says:

    the spaceship

  160. kim neville says:

    Convertible Fire Engine

  161. elaine dale says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  162. Sandra Lane says:

    Would love the pirate ship for my son.

  163. Jessica Powell says:

    the pirate ship looks awesome x

  164. The convertible spaceship
    Louise Fairweather recently posted…Homemade HoumousMy Profile

  165. Tracy K Nixon says:

    The Convertible Spaceship!

  166. winnie says:

    Convertible Pirate Ship

  167. Liam Bishop says:

    Love the Bulldozer 🙂

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