Meeting the Queen at Peppa Pig World

We have been visiting Paultons Park since it first open in the 1980’s and its safe to say that it has changed quite a lot along the way.

In April 2011 Peppa Pig World was launched, which was perfect timing for my Peppa loving son Isaac who was 3 at the time and we have been big fans ever since.

Walking into Peppa Pig World is like walking straight into the animated series, complete with the infamous and annoyingly catchy theme tune, characters everywhere you look and rides based on some of the kids favourite episodes.

Peppa Pig’s popularity continues to grow and there have been many more episodes created since 2011, so this year, Paultons Park have extended Peppa Pig World to include two new rides and more of our favourite characters.

Peppa Pig World

What can be found in the new area of Peppa Pig World?

There are two new fun rides:

The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride

A monorail that travels around the new area offering fantastic views over the whole of Peppa Pig World.

Flying Coach Ride

Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing  Club

Individual boats meander along a lazy river to discover Pirate Island.

Grampy Rabbit's Sailing Club

Queen’s Castle

Standing 10 metres tall, its is a real focal point of the new area and houses the Queen’s Kitchen, a new catering outlet.

The Queen's Kitchen

New Characters

The great thing about Peppa Pig is that they continue to introduce new characters and Peppa Pig World have done the same. See Mr Bull digging up the road to repair a burst water main.

Mr Bull

Peppa’s friends having fun on pirate island, Gerald Giraffe and of course the Queen waving from the top of the castle and having fun jumping in muddy puddles with Peppa.

Peppa and the Queen

The kids loved spotting the new characters and the new rides were a hit too. The views from the Queen’s Flying Coach ride over the park were simply stunning.

Views over Peppa Pig World

Peppa Pig World is aimed at children aged 0-5 as all the rides have been designed for little ones to be able to ride with their parents.

George's Dinosaur Ride

For those of you with older children too, the Lost Kingdom is a firm favourite with Isaac (now 10) and Eliza (7) as it has some slightly more thrilling rides aimed at children over 1m and the chance to meet Max, their friendly T-Rex.

Max T-Rex

This was the first year that Sebby has been over 1m and he absolutely loved riding the bigger rollercoasters, Flight of the Pterosaur and Velociraptor.

Flight of the Pterosaur

If you visit Paultons Park, don’t forget to visit the rest of the park as it has so much to offer all the family. The gardens are beautifully manicured, with birds and animals to see as you wander through.


There are plenty of rides throughout the park, with Cobra, Edge and Magma for the teens to brave. If visiting in the summer, don’t forget your swimming costumes and towels for the splash park and to dry off after the log flume.


Also new for this year is Little Africa which houses a number of animals native to the continent, including fennec fox, African crested porcupines, meerkats, Savannah monitor lizards and giant train millipedes, as well as one of the largest rodents in Africa, the Gambian pouched rat, and also the smallest, the African pygmy mouse.


The kids loved spotting the animals, particularly the ones in the dark house, who were actively scampering around their enclosures.

Behind Little Africa is the Water Mill which was built around 1860 and it is one of the few remaining working Poncelet Breast-Shot wheels in the UK. With there being so much water nearby we were also treated to 11 cute ducklings following Mum to the lake as we went to explore.


The Water Mill has been lovingly restored by the park and is now open to the public, with the display demonstrating how it works so you can actually see the whole machine in action.

Water Mill

Paultons Park offers a full day out for all the family and is one of our favourite theme parks for younger children. The facilities are well thought out and plentiful and the food is reasonably priced too.

Have you been to Paulton’s Park – what was your favourite thing to see?


33 thoughts on “Meeting the Queen at Peppa Pig World

  1. Fritha Quinn says:

    I still need to take the kids to Peppa Pig world, they would love it and the queen flying coach ride bit looks so fun! x
    Fritha Quinn recently posted…A weekend away with friendsMy Profile

  2. This sounds like such a fun day out and how cute are those ducklings!

  3. Oh my gosh, the kids will definitely love this place. Peppa Pig’s characters all have that adorable charm and I wouldn’t think twice about visiting this soon.

  4. Colette says:

    I love the crossing photo!! We’ve never been to Peppa Pig World, it’s a bit far from us unfortunately.

  5. Louise says:

    I’d love to take Oscar to Peppa Pig World before he grows out of liking the show. He’s 5 now so I can see that happening soon. Maybe we can take a crafty day off school to go next month 🙂

    Louise x

  6. Charli Bruce says:

    We have never been here but I know my stepdaughter would absolutely love it as she is Peppa Pig obsessed! x

  7. I really want to go with my little ones. It sounds great there I know they’d enjoy it. I bet they’d love to see all the characters old and new!!

  8. Sounds like a fab day out at Peppa Pig World! I also love your photos of your kids having a great time. What a lovely way to meet the queen

  9. I may be the only mother in Europe who never watched a full episode of Peppa Pig. furthermore, I never thought I would see Peppa The Queen! Awesome! Looks like you guys had an amazing time x

  10. Alison Rost says:

    I’ve never been here before but it’s Peppa Pig World is something that my grand kids would love to go to! It would be nice to take them here and just have the best time!

  11. This makes me wish my children were small again so I could take them to Paultons park and visit Peppa and the Queen! Bring on the Grandchildren!

  12. Olivia says:

    What an amazing looking place, as a kid I would of loved something like this, so much colour! Oh my gosh those rides look terrifying, I couldn’t cope with going on those!

  13. Eva Katona says:

    This looks fabulous! I can’t wait to take my little Peppa fans to Paulton’s Park. I seriously think, it looks more about children than Disneyland!

  14. so jealous of all of the posts I’ve been seeing at Peppa Pig world – it looks like so much fun. My daughter is desperate to go 🙂

  15. We were there at the weekend too and we had the best time! Paulton’s Park has something for everyone and I can’t wait to go back again soon!

  16. Emma Raphael says:

    Oh it looks brilliant! My toddler will love this! We used to go in the late 80’s. I remember getting lost in Captain Blood’s cabin! 😀

  17. We loved the new rides in Peppa Pig World, Grampy Rabbit’s sailing club has to be my favorite.

  18. Kelly says:

    This looks like so much fun. I can’t stand the show really but the park looks like so much fun and so appealing to little ones. Mine would love it.

  19. Ah it’s been so long since I was last at Peppa Pig World and I would love to go back. The new rides sound brilliant, it’s such a fun place.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Oh wow, this looks like so much fun! My kids loved Peppa Pig when they were little – they would have LOVED this!

  21. Alex Gladwin says:

    We love Paulton’s Park and are going back later this year. I can’t wait to show the boys the new rides. x

  22. Jaime Oliver says:

    It looks like so much fun at Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park and perfect for families, no matter what age they are! I also think its fab that they are always introducing new characters which keeps the kids entertained.

  23. Dannii says:

    This just looks so much fun. My Peppa Pig obsessed daughter would absolutely love this. We are hoping to go in July.

  24. My friends kids are obsessed and they loved peppa pig world when they went. Sounds like a great time meeting the queen x

  25. Sounds like such a great day out. I didn’t realise there was so much more to Paultons Park than Peppa Pig World. We must try visit it next time we’re in the UK as I’m sure my son would enjoy it.

  26. Nazrin says:

    How cool os this? An entire fun packed day filled with activities for the little’uns! I would be an happy camper!

  27. Nikki Thomas says:

    I loved our visit to Peppa Pig World a few years ago, it is such a wonderful place to take little ones. I am quite gutted that my daughter is too big to go there now.

  28. Stephanie says:

    We had season tickets for Paultons Park when my son was younger and my twins were toddlers. We had them when Peppa Pig World first opened and I have some very lovely memories of our days out. The new additions look fantastic and so much fun!

  29. Laura Dove says:

    Ah so much fun! We were invited down but couldn’t make it at the last minute, Im so gutted!!

  30. I have never been to Paulton’s Park before but I know someone who would be as equally obsessed with Peppa Pig World- my foster sister. She is a big fan of the show and these rides would be perfect for her, as they are suited to younger children.

  31. Aww we really must take our daughters here, as it just looks like the best fun! Glad you had a lovely time too 🙂

  32. We must have missed you at the preview event! The castle area is such a lovely addition to Peppa Pig World and we loved The Queens Flying Coach Ride and Grammy Rabbits Sailing Club rides x

  33. Jon says:

    Wow! That place looks amazing, would have loved to have gone there when I was younger.

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