Mastering the art of the toddler nappy change


You would think with six children I would have mastered the art of the toddler nappy change, but Sebastian appears to be immune from everything I have in my armoury.

If you have a young baby at home, changing a nappy isn’t the most pleasant of jobs but it’s fairly easy unless they have had an epic “poonani” and the contents of the nappy haven’t been contained as they should.

Once baby has discovered the art of moving things get a little trickier.

First comes the roll.  We all get excited when baby rolls for the first time, but don’t realise the impact on nappy changes.  Take your eye off the ball for one second and they have moved.  Distraction is fairly easy at this stage and babies can be entertained with a rattle, a tickle and even a little sing song.

Once they are crawling, forget trying to pull baby wipes out with one hand – you need both to try and keep them still, so need to be prepared with everything you think you will need before you attempt to lay them on the mat and keep them in one position.  I did find that distraction still worked most of the time and often roped in a sibling to help keep Sebastian occupied.

Now he is off and running I have to catch him first.  He takes great delight in telling me he has done a “bleurgh” and then charges off in the opposite direction to the one I am going.

Since he has been walking I have bought him the nappy pants type nappies as I found them easier when all my others were walking, but he is so quick by the time I have got one leg in and attempt to insert the second leg he has wriggled the original leg free and is attempting a break for the door.

Sebastian objects loudly to being laid down to have his bottom changed.  A simple wet nappy isn’t quite so bad as I can manage to whip it off whilst still trying to chase him around the lounge, but number 2’s are a whole different matter.

No matter what distraction technique I try he just will not lay still.  Undoing a pant style nappy with one hand is almost impossible, so I have to go at lightening speed and then grab both legs with one hand, lifting his bottom out of the offending nappy.  Whilst I am doing this, his aim is to get away as quickly as he can and he contorts himself into all manner of shapes, trying to get me to let go, whilst letting out a blood curdling scream.

He normally manages to wriggle one leg from my grasp as I attempt to clean him up with the baby wipes I carefully got out of the packet earlier.  If I have misjudged the amount of wipes I need, I’m in trouble.  Trying to hold a writhing, screaming toddler by one leg whilst trying to remove baby wipes from the packet is an art form in itself, never mind trying to clean the moving target.  If I have not cleaned him quickly enough, he wriggles so much that he invariably gets some of the contents of said nappy either onto me, or his vest which means I have to go the whole hog and change his clothes too – cue even more screeching.

I am almost looking forward to potty training!

Have you mastered the art of the toddler nappy change?




17 thoughts on “Mastering the art of the toddler nappy change

  1. My daughter likes to kick her legs about quite a bit as she thinks it’s funny. Not great when she puts her foot in it! My son (also called Sebastian) was actually much, much better compared to my daughter 🙂
    Bek dillydrops recently posted…Valentines Crafts with BostikMy Profile

  2. Zoe Corkhill says:

    I have to admit… in the past I have resorted to sitting on the floor and then placing my left leg as a restraint system over the torso, and then tackling the nappy change business on the wiggling bottom half with two hands! Of course, you have to catch them first!

    The toddler nappy change is certainly a skill you have to learn – you don’t realise beforehand just how much harder everything gets as soon as they can move! Mothers of late crawlers, rejoice! 😉
    Zoe Corkhill recently posted…Review: ToddlebikeMy Profile

  3. It’s taken me a while to get to this point but I’ve kind of mastered it! We just do it standing up and it’s alot easier than pinning him down and trying to do it that way. Useful if there isn’t a baby changing mat around too, just pop to the loo and whip it off. Not so good when he’s done a poo though, he has to lie down for that!!

  4. This brings back memories! Sometimes I used to put the nappy on my son’s head to make him laugh and then he would be (slightly) more willing to co-operate 🙂
    Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy recently posted…How to find nice clothes in charity shopsMy Profile

  5. Oh God, I remember these days so well. I always had to give him something to hold to entertain him, or talk and engage him LOTS. They do love to run off, or even if they are lying on a matt, they find it hilarious to find a way NOT to cooperate. Great post. Here I am trying for a baby when I can’t imagine going through all that again LOL xx
    Liska @NewMumOnline recently posted…A Valentine’s Gift for the Book Lover in Your LifeMy Profile

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    i haven t mastered the toddler nappy change yet, I fear it will always elude me lol
    Jaime Oliver recently posted…The Kings & Queens Of The CastleMy Profile

  7. lisa prince says:

    oh gosh all i do when i think of nappy change is start giggling to my self , i remember the turmoil of chasing mine through the household bare bummed with them refusing to put one on lol x

  8. LOL! I don’t miss that stage at all, and I was lucky in that both of mine were rather lazy and enjoyed just laying there ‘being pampered’ 😉
    Em @ snowingindoors recently posted…10 Reasons I Could Confuse Our Toddler With Our PuppyMy Profile

  9. Oh how I remember these days, once my two were able to crawl off or runaway I switched to pull ups as it was easier to get them on or off.
    Boo Roo and Tigger Too recently posted…Make a splash with winter fashion #AldiChallengeMy Profile

  10. Luckily we are in between those stages – Alex is almost 2.5 and will stay still (just about) and Ben is too young. From about 14 months we started using pull ups and it was so much easier
    Rachel @ Parenthood Highs and Lows recently posted…Teaching Good MannersMy Profile

  11. I only manage by changing Harry side on and hooking my leg over his tummy to restraint him.
    Clare @ Emmy’s Mummy recently posted…To Emmy on your 5th birthdayMy Profile

  12. Sonya Cisco says:

    Oh I remember those days well!! Such fun with a poopy nappy!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Sunday Adventures at the Subtropical GardensMy Profile

  13. Shell Louise says:

    I remember it well and I have to say this post made me very very pleased that I no longer have any children at this stage!
    Shell Louise recently posted…No more messy bedroom!My Profile

  14. Jen Walshaw says:

    Maxi wasnt ever that difficult, but mini was hell on a stick when it came to nappy changes!
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…Free valentines printablesMy Profile

  15. Oh my youngest is the same, She wriggles so much I am trying to convince to sit on the potty or toilet but she refuses…
    otilia stocks recently posted…Home Spring Inspiration – Shades of BlueMy Profile

  16. Michelle says:

    My boy was pretty good with having his nappy changed actually, now he’s all grown up and going to the loo himself, bless him 🙂

  17. At the moment it is the worst moments of my day, she is a nightmare, like a wild animal. x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…Our Snowy WalkMy Profile

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