Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct

Wheely Bright

I pride myself that the kids and I walk to school everyday.

Well, when I say walk, what I mean is I walk and they take their bike or scooter and speed off ahead of me.

Now the nights are drawing in, they all have coats that have reflectors on them, but I still worry that they may not be seen, but have a fun answer to this problem.

Wheely Bright LED wheel lights brighten up any bike, making you stand out from the crowd and more visible at night.

Wheely Bright

Available in cool white, neon pink, vivid green and bike-bright blue, Wheely Bright LED lights fix to the spokes of your wheels, adding personality and punch to your pedal-power, and turning your bike into a spinning, glowing, colourful light show!

Wheely Bright

Wheely Bright lights are easy to install by simply threading through the inner spokes and securing with cables ties and are safe to use in all weathers, They take 3 x AA batteries and are operated by a simple one-touch button.


Wheely Bright lights come in either single or double wheel formats so the combinations are endless. Isaac has green on the rear wheel and white on the front.

Wheely Bright

It is worth noting that the lights are only suitable for bikes over 20″, so are no good for younger children and are not made to replace normal safety lights, which should be used alongside as normal.

Wheely Bright costs from £11.99 for a single pack and £19.99 for a double pack.

13 thoughts on “Making your bike Wheely Bright with JML Direct

  1. Sean Clark says:

    Wow! These look pretty cool & interesting. Really a good idea with safety also. I’m going to install it in my bicycle for sure. From where can I get the best quality with a reasonable price?

  2. These look great! As a keen cyclist myself (when I have a moment free) I’d have these on my road bike! A really good idea – helping to be more visible – and fun for kids too!

  3. My daughter would love these, she’s just learnt to ride her bike!

  4. Stephanie says:

    These are super cool!! My twin girls would love these on their bikes

  5. Leona says:

    I love these. Cycling safety is so important

  6. Oh I love these! My husband cycles to and from the train station for work every day and I reckon he’d quite like these lights! I may have to make a Christmas present purchase…!

  7. These look so cool, I would have loved these when I was a child! what a clever idea xx

  8. Ooh what a fab idea! My kids would go crazy for these!

  9. Talya says:

    What a cool idea and perfect for the dark afternoons ahead!

  10. Taslyn says:

    This looks so cool and safe at the same time for kids will definitely look into this product.

  11. What a fab idea, I’ve not seen these before. Alice is starting to ask me if she can take her bike to school and I think once the new bike sheds are built she will.

  12. Helen says:

    This is a really good idea and a fantastic way of ensuring safety during these darker months!

  13. LilJem says:

    Such a good idea: making safety cool. My DD is only one, but I’m tempted to get them just to light up her trike!

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