Making it better??

It’s that time of year when the kids appear to be bringing every single bug possible home from school.  Isaac is now at the age where he doesn’t seem to go down with them as often as Eliza and Sebastian as his immunity is quite strong but I am sure that he takes part in the sharing.

We started off this term with nasty colds and coughs which have thankfully gone now, but have been left with a nasty bout of conjunctivitis.  The problem with this is that you have to bathe the eyes and then administer eye drops.  This does not make for a happy household as both Eliza and Sebastian hate it.

No matter how much bribery I give, cleaning their eyes and putting in eye drops makes it sounds like I am murdering my children.  The high-pitched scream that comes out of their mouths must make the outside world consider phoning social services.  I dread to think what my neighbours think!

It made me think, have your kids ever done something that you think an outsider would judge the wrong way?

Eliza did a good one on me on the train!

Travelling back from an event in London the kids had been brilliant for the 2 hour journey back, until the very last stretch.  I was packing things back up as it was almost time to get off the train and asked Eliza to hold her balloon which she then proceeded to put in her mouth.

I asked her to stop as she was going to pop it, but like all stubborn 3 year olds she didn’t listen.

She proceeded to pull the end of the balloon with her teeth, so I reached to take the balloon out of her mouth.  She had stretched the balloon so much that as I tried to take the balloon away it pinged back and made that awful snapping sound which made it sound like I had smacked her.

The sound made us all jump, she started wailing and then another woman on the carriage (who couldn’t actually see what was going on) proceeded to rant at me for apparently hitting my child.  I was so mortified and couldn’t get off the train quick enough.

Go on, tell me what embarrassing thing the kids have done to you………..


7 thoughts on “Making it better??”

  1. oh gosh!!! Baya asked really loudly on the train home from Euston why Daddy had to use his willy to put the baby in me :O The whole carriage went so silent I wanted to get off right then lol


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