Make your beauty regime buzz with these natural tips

You’ve strained into the day after your alarm clock goes off, eventually forcing yourself to open your eyes. Bleugh, is the only thought you can muster.

Getting to the bathroom, you wonder, Who is this person I see in the mirror? Baggy eyes, hair that looks like it belongs to an electric shock victim and blotchy skin – waking up in the morning sucks.

Feeling unhealthy in the morning is unlikely to make you perky for the rest of the day. That’s not even mentioning how much your self-esteem is dented if you’re peaky – you’ll probably look how you feel.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of top tips to make your beauty shine through without a crateful of cosmetics. Instead, you’ll look great with these all-natural bits of advice.

Get active with your skincare
So many people shove on makeup without thinking about the impact it has on their skin. In truth, while cosmetics might cover up blotches in the short term, overuse will suffocate pores and make skin even less healthy.
How can you combat bad skin? For one thing, have a few days where you don’t use quite so much makeup. For another, invest in a top of the line skincare range like Proactiv, which will cleanse your skin of any dirt and allow your pores to breathe.

Ultimately, you’ll end up with a healthier glow that no amount of makeup could give you.

Make H2O the name of the game
There are too many variables to say for certain how much the average person sweats in the course of a night. After all, the temperature of the room, how many blankets you use and your average body temperature all play a factor.
However, we do know that a body losing a lot of its liquid at night will wake up with drier skin and suffer from what scientists refer to as an “icky feeling”.

The solution to this is to remain appropriately hydrated throughout the day, with the standard of eight glasses of water (around two litres) sating the body’s need for hydration. However, don’t overdo it – your two litres a day can also be found in various foodstuffs, tea and coffee.

Snooze your way to better skin
Did you know that a lack of sleep could be the source of your groggy look in the morning? That’s right, without a consistent eight or nine hours of sleep every night, you’re likely to look more radiant and less frazzled.
Baggy eyes, an increase in wrinkles, drooping facial muscles – they‘re all factors that play into the appearance of the sleep deprived. So, grab enough hours of dozing time to make yourself feel livelier and look better.

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  1. ST Sage Mia says:

    Hi again Kara. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Its really a big help for all the mommies out there. Although we are busy moms, I agree with you that we should be active with our skin care. We need to cleanse our faces daily no matter how busy and tired we are. It’s the only way we could flaunt our beauties. You’ve got a great site! Oh by the way, I’ve shared this link with our social followers.

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