Make moving house easier on your toddler

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Moving house is always difficult and extremely stressful – especially if you have a toddler in tow.  For young children, moving is difficult to understand and at times can feel like their whole world is being torn apart. For us adults, we understand the moving process and what exactly goes into it. We know that if we use a CarsArrive Auto Relocation service, we’ll see our car again soon, or that when we pack our belongings into a moving van, they’re heading straight to our new home. Unfortunately, toddlers don’t understand like we do and can get confused having to pack away their favourite possessions.

Toddlers can be difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to packing boxes and moving things they can get even worse! Therefore, it is vital that your toddler understands what is happening and gets involved as best they can in the entire process.

Whether you are moving to a period home in Bath or to one of the new builds in Southampton – moving is moving and is stressful to both the parent and child.

Here are a few tips on how to make moving house a lot easier for your little toddler.

Visit the new home

Before all the packing and unpacking begins, take your child to visit the new home a few times – tell them which room will be theirs. It is important that they feel comfortable in the new house and want to explore. For a toddler, everything is an adventure.

If your child reacts badly to the change, because let’s face it not all children enjoy change, then take some pictures of their current bedroom with you when you move to show them. This will help the transfer.


When you begin packing, try to get your toddler involved. You can turn packing into a game to evoke some fun and enjoyment into it. This will also reassure your child that their toys and treasures are all going with them into the new home.

You should also mark your child’s boxes clearly and unpack those first when you get to the new house – the quicker their things are in the new space, the quicker they will adapt.

The last day

On your last day in your old house, take your toddler round to each and every room to say goodbye. This will allow the child to understand they will be leaving and give them a chance to say their goodbyes to their old room.

Set their room up first

As we all know – children need consistency, so try to set your child’s room up first as this will allow them additional time to get settled into the new space. Also, try to find positive differences about the new room in comparison to the old as this will reassure them that the move was a positive experience.

With these tips in mind, your toddler will be one less thing for you to worry about during the moving process.

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  1. Carry says:

    So grateful for this post, it’s a must read for everyone who will be moving soon, especially with kids. Of course there are many things to do when moving, but this here is the most important, the essentials that everyone should know! Thumbs up!

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