Magical Harry Potter Themed Bedrooms The Kids Will LOVE

The Harry Potter series is undeniably one of the most popular children’s sagas of all time. With more than 400 million books sold in 200 countries – and millions of pounds brought in in the box office through cinematic adaptations of JK Rowling’s novels – its success has been phenomenal. And the tales continue, with Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming to London’s West End.

The series has captured the imagination of children worldwide and is, now, being passed down through the generations – with the first wave of Potter fans having their own children.

So, what better theme for your child’s bedroom? You want this to be a place that caters perfectly for their wide-eyed enthusiasm with the world and a Harry Potter theme is bound to do just that.

Don’t think you can do it? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Illinois couple Casey and Kaycee Daniel’s nursery for son Finley went viral after pictures were shared on Facebook. The most eye-catching feature is a mural on the wall which represents a window looking out from Hogwarts over the Great Lake and Whomping Willow. Banners of all four of the houses of Hogwarts are displayed above Finley’s cute wooden cot, while he also has a (toy) pet owl in the room watching over him.

Photo Credit: The Mirror
Photo Credit: The Mirror

Tiffany Nicole enjoyed passing on her love of Harry Potter to her children so much that she decided her fourth child must have a themed nursery. With inspirational quotes from Dumbledore and a cool collection of memorabilia across the room, this has provided the Potter-mad mum with a fun project as well as giving her child a great bedroom. Everyone is a winner!

The Georgian House hotel in London has sought to tap into the Harry Potter magic with two themed rooms. Draped four poster beds, battered trunks and study tables all evoke the living quarters of the Quidditch playing wizard, alongside potion bottles, wands and other neat little extras. It’s certainly food for thought for anyone plotting their own project.
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Still want more? Paper Droids has a list of ten greater Harry Potter themed ideas. The Gryffindor dormitory is a particular strong idea for an older child – and can be achieved in a tight space with a fairly modest budget. Other room designs show how one or two simple features could easily transform an existing room so that it fits your theme – with bedspreads and other accessories readily available.

Tips and tricks

Whatever you do, don’t lose sight of the essentials. A good bed is needed to help your child get the sleep they need. A themed bedroom might need storage too to put any toys or accessories away when they’re not needed (visit for ideas). Another good thing to consider is involving your child in the process. It’d be a great way to get older children to embrace their creative side and practice some skills they may have learned in art lessons.

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