Little Ways To Save Cash Every Day

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Everyone knows how hard it can be to budget. Life is getting more and more expensive, and when you have kids it’s even more obvious just how pricey things are getting. The thing is, you don’t have to be out of touch with your finances, and it doesn’t have to be a headache for you to stay in touch with them, either.

Money is a contentious issue in a lot of homes, but you can learn to save the little bits everyday. Eventually, those little savings add up and you end up with a pot of money that grows and grows. From swapping the cigarettes to eliquid, quitting the excessive data on your phone and more, there are so many ways to save cash every single day. We’ve put together a little list of ways that you can save your pennies and watch them grow. Let’s take a look:

  • Date Your Money. Every week, sit down with all of your bank accounts and make a list of your incoming and outgoing amounts. Check where you are spending unnecessarily and make a list of the expenses that you can realistically cut down on. For example, do you really need to go to the bakery every day? Probably not! That’s money that adds up over time!
  • Make A List. Check it twice, right? Well, no, this isn’t Christmas. This time, it’s about making a grocery list and a menu for your house. Plan out your meals and shop to the menu. When you do this, you can make a lot of savings and you won’t even realize how much you can save until you do it!
  • Bye, Bye, Cable. Are you currently on Netflix? You definitely do not need to pay for a Cable service if you are watching Netflix or other streaming services. Narrow it down to one and you can save some money!
  • Cluster Your Bills. Where you can, cluster your bills together with one provider. So, if you have a cell phone, get your broadband and TV package with the same provider. This way, you have one payment for three different things each month.
  • Host A Night In. It’s nice to see your friends, but it’s expensive to always go out for drinks. So, take it in turns to host a monthly potluck. Everyone brings a dish and some drinks and you have a games or a movie night. It’s the perfect way to unwind.
  • Vacation Locally. Long-haul travel is the goal for most people, but it’s not a smart thing to do if you haven’t really got the funds. You don’t want to rely on credit cards – it’s about saving for the things that you want so that you get them without a debt following you afterward.
  • HomeMade Coffee. Learn to make your favorite coffees at home and bring them out with you. You can save over $50 a week just by making your own coffee before you head out for a walk.

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