Legal VPN Use In The UK


Internet users in the United Kingdom can legally use a VPN or virtual private network to protect all their internet activity from the internet service provider or ISP. The VPN is a tool used to reroute the connection to a private server to help disguise the address.

As a rule, the ideal provider will conceal your internet location and allow you to work with little fear of tracking from potential cybercriminals, websites, or government officials.

Virtual Private Network Services In The United Kingdom

Many people wonder if they can legally employ these services to override possible surveillance, particularly in the UK. But no specific legislation prohibits VPNs. They’re safely used in most countries throughout the world except for Russia, Iraq, China, UAE, and North Korea.

Another benefit is the ability to bypass geographical restrictions implemented for torrenting and streaming. Some content providers block access to certain areas in the world. But with a VPN, the website believes that you’re coming from a legitimate location.

The United Kingdom is subject to “intrusive surveillance laws” with the 2016 introduction of the “Investigatory Powers Act.” The act interferes with citizens’ online privacy unless you obtain a strong VPN. These decrease governmental access by protecting your data. Go to to read about the UK government’s surveillance permissions.


Quality Providers Over Free VPNs

You have the option to obtain Free VPN services or pay for a quality provider. The recommendation is to avoid free services. Typically, with these plans, the carrier finds other, often more expensive ways to make money from you.

Some will sell your private data to the highest bidder, regardless of whom that might be. Others inundate your service with ads from which they receive kickbacks.

In either situation, dire circumstances can arise because you have exposure to outside resources defeating the VPN purpose and putting you at risk for cybercrime.

An investment in the best, fastest virtual private network (You can check out some of these, according to, here), will give you the best return on your investment. You’ll have the optimum in safety with many offering extra features to ensure security.

Keep The Activities Legal In The UK

While having the tool is legal, performing illegal activities while using the services is not. The government will make you accountable after they track you. That is something officials can do when they absolutely need to.

Trustworthy VPN providers will act reputably. That means, according to the UK 2016 “Investigatory Powers Act,” they will have an obligation to provide the government with your internet activity. It rarely happens, but it is possible.

The carriers not stationed within the United Kingdom are exempt from the act, but that doesn’t mean the government won’t have other resources or means to track the information they need.

It’s wise to remain legitimate, or you could end up ruining the legality of the virtual private network for others. If the governments begin to have a problem with illegal activity rising under the guise of these tools, they might make their use illegal. One illegal activity to avoid is downloading pirated materials, a frequent occurrence.

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What Is The Investigatory Powers Act And Geo-Blocking

In 2016, the United Kingdom Parliament put in place the “Investigatory Powers Act.” The legislation means to give the government the capacity to handle cybercrime in that they have permission to inquire with your social media platform and ISP to divulge your internet activity any time they wish.

This power allotted to the government is supposed to help them find and stop illegal activity, but, unfortunately, there are instances of use for political agenda as there is little regulation.

There are also territories where citizens can’t get specific streaming or torrenting due to blocking in their area. These services make popular broadcasts available only in particular locations, so people interested in watching can’t do so.

VPNs override the geo-blocking tools, allowing users to watch all streamed material from any region without a problem. The virtual private network hides the real location so that the geo-blocker can’t work even if you’re in a restricted area.

Final Thought

Virtual private Networks are legal in the United Kingdom and most areas of the world. There are only a slightly few countries that have banned them. The only problem with keeping them legal is making sure people using them only do so legitimately. View where you can use these tools here.

If you engage in illegal activities like pirating movies, for example, causing officials problems, you run the risk that the government will ban the tools. As it is most likely, most governments are not fond of their use now but tolerate them. We as citizens need to do what we can to maintain the safety and security we’re allowed.

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