Kindest of a Stranger

Anthony Nolan is a charity which relies on the kindness of strangers who join the charity’s register of potential bone marrow donors that helps thousands of people all over the UK every year.  They have just launched a big online campaign thanking strangers for their help in times of need and it has made me think about how I’ve helped strangers and how they have helped me.

Sometimes is just the little things:

  • Giving out a parking ticket with time still left on it
  • Giving an extra few pence at the till of a shop when it’s needed
  • Seeing someone fall and stopping to make sure they are OK

Since I have been blogging I have seen a community come together to support fellow bloggers who have been going through a rough time and have been amazed by the lengths everyone goes to to support people who are mostly strangers.  I have seen and taken part in collections to help raise some money for people who have lost their home, helped support those who have experienced baby loss and even made a fool of myself in the name of charity.

But what’s the most amazing thing a stranger has done for me?

Probably the most memorable is when I was heavily pregnant with Kian and a car rammed into the side of my car after they realised they had made the wrong turning and just changed direction without looking.

As you can imagine I was left horribly shaken, had a crying 2 year old in the back of the car and was being sworn at by a very disgruntled driver of the other vehicle.

Thankfully the two cars who were behind me stopped and helped push my car to the side of the road, whilst I was taken to oneside by one of the other passengers who in no uncertain terms gave the driver that caused the accident what for and called the police and an ambulance to ensure I was checked out and safe.

It was a horrible experience, but could have been so much worse if it wasn’t for the kindness and support of those strangers. Thankfully after being checked out we were all OK, apart from some whiplash and a written off car and I made sure they were sent a card to say thank you once I had recovered.

To find out how you can save the life of a stranger visit

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