Kids Are Expensive: How To Family On A Budget

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We all know how expensive it is to raise a family, on top of all the obvious and usual expenses such as food and clothing there are the days out, toys, pocket money, school excursions, sometimes it seems like it never ends and there is always something you are expected to put your hand in your pocket for, but there are many ways we can look to save some extra money in the family.

Don’t Holiday Abroad

Holidaying abroad is expensive, especially when the whole family is involved, flights alone, never mind travel insurance etc can make it a very costly trip. It has been well promoted that the notion of holidaying at home, the staycation has been a great way of having a great holiday at home and it’s absolutely no less fun.

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Coupons For Days Out Etc.

An essential part of family life is those days out, happy memories that you and the kids will cherish forever, but it’s an expensive thing to do, even sometimes when trying to do it on a budget, tickets to attractions, treats (even if you don’t buy lunch) and little things like parking charges can easily make a small afternoon out a pricy expedition. One way to try to limit these costs is to check for offers or vouchers available online and see if you can choose an experience that’s covered by one of these.

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Find  A Better Car Deal

It’s an essential I’m sure we’ll all agree that trying to go for days out, get around and even the school run is nigh on impossible without a car. For years I believed the best thing to do was to own your own car, buy it outright, without finance if possible, and then it’s yours and you have your own asset. But what I really found is that it only takes a few expensive repairs to really upset this model and decided that it’s a bit of a false economy, we recently decided to look at leasing as it can take care of all routine repairs and servicing when you get the right deal, source:, and this can actually give a saving rather than a cost when this convenience is factored in.

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Buy 2nd Hand Where Possible

Clothes, toys, even things like bikes are items that many families are buying 2nd hand to try and save money, often these are purchased via charitable organisations and this is a way of doing some good as well as saving yourself some money, a good example of this is the various bike charities across the country are taking old bikes, recycling them and selling them on, they also provide employment and training in the community so are filling a fantastic social need as well.

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Learn How To Build Or Make Your Own

There are many ways you can make or build your own items to save some money, from clothes to furniture there are so many ways to achieve this and is it’s not something you are experienced in it’s a great way to take the opportunity to learn new skills while saving.

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