Keeping a secret

abbey 21

For months before her 21st birthday, Abbey had been dropping hints about her 21st birthday and by the time it came around she had a huge list of presents she wanted.

There was the “never gonna happen”:

  • A new car (specifically a Citroen DSi)
  • A flat

The “I will look into it”:

  • A weekend at Alton Towers
  • A Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch which was a bargain at £300 *cough*

and of course she wanted a spectacular cake.  She did change her mind on this weekly, although it always featured a Disney Princess of some sort.

I wanted to give her something to keep as well as memories of her special day.  Sadly Alton Towers was out of our price bracket as the cost of staying up there was just too steep, so we went a little closer to home with a VIP trip to Thorpe Park, which was AMAZING and all the kids had a fantastic time.  I am still kicking myself for not braving Stealth!

Then there was the watch.

Both my parents and Abbey’s boyfriend decided to all chip in to get her the watch she has been talking about for the last year and the shopping around began.  I finally found it on offer at The Watch Hut, purchased it and then held on to it to surprise her at her meal.

I truly think she believed that she had all her presents by the morning and she had no idea we had this surprise stored up for her.

After her Frozen cake was presented, out came her final present and I think the look on her face says it all – thanks to Callan for the slightly crazed photo bomb too!

Abbey 21

The watch strap did need resizing but we got this done locally and she has barely taken it off her wrist since!


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