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Sebastian is getting bigger everyday and seems to be outgrowing his babygro’s at lightening speed, but they never seem to fit perfectly.

His particular problem is they hang over his arms so I have to roll the sleeves up a few times, although he always manages to roll them back down again and then when it is time to move up a size, the feet hang loose as they are too long.

The Justafit Onesie promises to cure these problems.



The Justafit velcro sleepsuit adjusts to fit, is hard wearing and lasts longer.  It has adjustable ankle and wrist straps which reduce the risk of trips and falls from sleepsuits being too long once baby is on the move and prevents hands hiding in the sleeves giving full access to toys as well as preventing sleeves that are too long dipping into food.

Justafit sleep suits promise comfort as they keep hands and feet where they should be meaning children are less frustrated from sleeves and legs being too long and as they adjust to your babies growth they last longer.

I was sent the Jusafit Babygro to review.


Made from quality hypoallergenic breathable cotton, the Justafit comes in five colourways and is available in five sizes from 6-months to 3-years.

Whilst I understand the principle behind it, I have to admit I was disappointed with it.

When Isaac and Eliza were babies I used the Grobag Socksuit, which has sadly been discontinued as I swore by them. They had socks at the feet with grips on them and used to last for a good 9-12 months as would stretch as they grew.  I was hopeful that this was similar.


It isn’t it.

Made from 100% cotton is soft to the touch ensuring baby is comfortable, but as soon as I fastened the velcro around Sebastian’s wrists and ankles it was clear he wasn’t comfortable as he started moaning and tugging at them.  I thought maybe I had done them up too tight, but any looser and they wouldn’t do their job – he has got more tolerant of it though the more times he has worn it.

Justafit Onesie

I was also quite surprised that they didn’t have any grippers on the feet.  Although Sebastian is not on his feet yet, I am quite sure it won’t be long and with more and more families with wooden or laminated floor like us, some form of grip is essential to ensure a newly mobile baby doesn’t slip over.

Sebastian is wearing the 9-12 month Justafit and at 8 months old I don’t think it has much more growing room left in it, although he is on the large side at 20lb in weight, although shorter than average on height.

I can see the benefits of the Justafit babygro but sadly it is not for us!

You can see more reviews over on their facebook page and follow them on twitter @infasense

19 thoughts on “Justafit Onesie

  1. I love the colours the range comes in!
    Fritha Strickland recently posted…Our weekend in picturesMy Profile

  2. Kizzy says:

    These look great. With my three they never fitted very well into babygros.
    Kizzy recently posted…#TheGallery YellowMy Profile

  3. Charlotte says:

    Ohh I haven’t seen these before. The idea sounds very good but to be honest I don’t really like the look of them, and as you say with no grip on the feet and being on the smaller side I’m not sure they would be our sort of thing – but I bet they are beneficial for lot’s of people!
    Charlotte recently posted…Siblings {March} 2014My Profile

  4. It sounds like an interesting idea but I’m also not sure that mine would have liked the velcro around the wrists or ankles either. I also don’t like feet on babygros once they’re walking.
    Healthier Mummy recently posted…Fast food for dinner – Bill Granger’s prepare-ahead fish cakesMy Profile

  5. Ninjacat says:

    Great idea
    He is such a cutie pie
    Ninjacat recently posted…Soda Stream Pink GrapefruitMy Profile

  6. jenny says:

    What a fab idea, they look so cosy too!
    jenny recently posted…Playmobil police truck with speedboatMy Profile

  7. Mammasaurus says:

    Do they do giant ones for me pleaseeeeee?
    Mammasaurus recently posted…2011 Japan earthquakeMy Profile

  8. Just a shame that you were not too happy with them, the idea is great!
    Kirsty Hijacked By Twins recently posted…Point + Shoot – First PostMy Profile

  9. These are a great idea. It is so hard when babies are in between a size and they don’t quite fit into their sleep suits. I wish I’d known about these sooner! x
    Kirsty Hijacked By Twins recently posted…Point + Shoot – First PostMy Profile

  10. Bek says:

    These sound like a great idea! Mine children are a little to big for these but if I have any more babies, I shall have a look out for these. Thanks.
    Bek recently posted…Twinkl ReviewMy Profile

  11. lisa prince says:

    aw what a cutie and love the idea , onesies are great x

  12. A good idea in principal, but a shame that it doesn’t have grippers on the feet. Sounds like it needs a bit of tweaking!
    Rachel @ activities4kidz recently posted…Breastfeeding in PublicMy Profile

  13. Ah that’s a shame, it does look like a good idea. I used to be so worried with 6yo as a baby and our laminate floor
    Angela Spicer recently posted…Edible Mother’s Day Gift IdeasMy Profile

  14. Mummy of Two says:

    It’s a shame you didn’t get on with it. We reviewed it too and my little lady got on really well with it. I do agree that grips on the feet would have been a good addition.
    Mummy of Two recently posted…Siblings March 2014My Profile

  15. Great idea and a super post. Such a cut photo too xx

  16. wendy says:

    A good idea. Your son is a cutie x
    wendy recently posted…Autism, Ignorance And PrejudiceMy Profile

  17. In theory a great idea, as we always have baggy bits. They would need grippy feet though for me x
    You Baby Me Mummy recently posted…The Theme Game – Our child friendly garden planMy Profile

  18. I would be concerned the velcro might be scratchy if they rubbed their faces? To be honest, babygros are so inexpensive these days (and like me, I bet your washing mating is constantly on!) so I would probably have a pack in each size and not worry? You little boy is so cute 🙂
    Kate Thompson recently posted…Apparently it’s “Daughter’s Week”My Profile

  19. Sonya Cisco says:

    Such a clever idea, but I agree about needing grippy feet- I had Syd in footless ones once he was walking, to stop him from slipping over. x
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Biscuit of the Week – A Vision of PinkMy Profile

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