Inateck Dual Layer Camera Backpack Review

Intatek Camera Backpack

As a parent of young children I like to be prepared for all eventualities and Hubby always jokes that I like to take ‘everything but the kitchen sink’.

This often means I am carrying a backpack filled with raincoats, drinks, snacks, a first aid kit and of course my beloved camera.

I have tried numerous bags over the years, but all have been a basic style of rucksack and my camera and lenses have been ruined where they have been packed in with everything else.

I was invited to put the Inateck Dual Layer Camera Backpack to the test and it was the perfect solution to take on our walking holiday to the Yorkshire Dales.

This versatile camera backpack is divided into two layers. The upper layer is large enough to carry a laptop and files for business trips, or everything you need for a day out.


Velcro in the lower layer can adjust the compartments so you can organise your camera and lenses in it. What’s more, the lenses are secured from hitting each other with a soft yet thick flannelette pads.

Inatek Backpack

Our first outing with the backpack was on our visit to a theme park and it comfortably held my camera equipment, as well as a picnic lunch for the family.

Backpack Peppa Pig

On the right hand side of the backpack is a handy net pocket where you can store a drink and a handy adjustable loop for hooking on any other accessories you need and on the left hand side is an access zip to the camera equipment, which can also be reached from the back too.

Yorkshire Backpack

On our visit to Yorkshire, the backpack comfortably held five raincoats and waterproof trousers, plus a first aid kit in the main space at the top. I used the side loop to hold the kids hats when they were not wearing them and the camera area held a DSLR, my Sony compact camera, two lenses and the Go Pro camera with chest straps.

Camera Backpack

There is also a zippered pocket on the top designed to hold an iPad and accessories, although I used this for my sunglasses and suncream so they were easily accessible.

Inatek Backpack Yorkshire

As you can see in the last picture, the bag did get quite dirty on a travels, but it is made of a stain-resistant material, which wipes clean easily, plus the backpack also comes with a waterproof cover in case it rains and is back to looking as good as new.

The Inatek Dual Layer Camera Backpack has an RRP of £47.99 and is a great option for people who don’t want to compromise on style or function on their days out!!

82 thoughts on “Inateck Dual Layer Camera Backpack Review

  1. claire woods says:

    It looks a great bag, room for everything.

  2. Ali Fanstone says:

    thats a great bag

  3. Vicky H says:

    Fab review

  4. Al MacInnes says:

    Be very handy for me, my camera and my sandwiches.

  5. Susan B says:

    Looks great. Thanks for the review. I always find that carrying heavy items incorrectly spoils a day out so I welcome reviews of good products.

  6. Nicola Smith says:

    Fab review very helpful! It looks great

  7. Judith MacInnes says:

    The backpack looks great, although I’m amazed you didn’t have the camera out all the time in the Dales! Such stunning scenery, it’s one of my favourite places in the whole world!

  8. sue leake says:

    looks very useful with plenty of space for the odd chocolate biscuit too

  9. This looks great for a DSLR!

  10. Lorna Ledger says:

    Very handy bag, loads of great storage, good stuff.

  11. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    This looks a really well designed camera backpack. I love all the different sections

  12. Tracy Hanley says:

    Looks like the perfect bag for a camera , looks very well made

  13. adrian price says:

    THis looks n excellent piece of kit

  14. charlotte says:

    looks great for all the adventures with a camera!

  15. Kim Carberry says:

    This backpack looks fantastic. It looks very professional x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Trying some new recipes & hoping for leftovers. #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

  16. Sheena Batey says:

    This looks perfect for when I take my camera equipment on walks

  17. Cole says:

    I bet this would be a good option for carrying around field recording equipment.

  18. Laura Pritchard says:

    This looks so sturdy & I’ll feel reassured that my camera was safe!

  19. Daniel Harrison says:

    This looks really good! Really good quality

  20. Andrew Connolly says:


  21. Ruth Harwood says:

    Looks awesome – all those pockets mean you can find what you’re looking for in a second!xx

  22. Jade Hewlett says:

    This looks like a great bag, so stylish and lots of space!

  23. Susan Smith says:

    Oh wow, I have to agree with you about camera lens, this backpack looks amazing for cameras and plenty of room for other essentials as well, everything in a secure place

  24. michelle o'neill says:

    this looks great

  25. Shaun Tutt says:

    Looks like a great bit of kit

  26. Angela Treadway says:

    looks fab could really do with one of these! x

  27. john prendergast says:

    Great review

  28. Lynn Neal says:

    Looks really handy and waterproof too!

  29. Karen Barrett says:

    That is one substantial backpack! Perfect with lots of compartments as well.

  30. Vikki Sanderson says:

    This backpack looks great! So important to have the correct protection and storage for your equipment.

  31. Paul Chadwick says:

    Great review, The backpack looks a serious bit of kit

  32. Nathan says:

    Tons of space in there, perfect

  33. julie laing says:

    looks great

  34. KEV C says:

    great review, where do I get one?? lol

  35. Inga Andersen says:

    It looks roomy, durable and easy on the back. You could put anything in it really 🙂

  36. Inga Andersen says:

    It looks roomy, durable and easy on the back. You could put anything in it really 🙂

  37. Jo Richards says:

    Wow, that looks massive!! Much better than what I usually use and cant find anything in

  38. Jo Young says:

    That looks great and even better that it doesn’t look like a camera bag so less likely to get stolen.

  39. simon tutthill says:

    It looks a really good quality too,plenty of room to keep those bits and pieces you need

  40. Bob Clark says:

    ideal for the serious photographer

  41. Claire Glace says:

    Side loops and net pocket all very useful, Love it…..

  42. Anthony Harrington says:

    looks like lots of room and compartments to pack in a lot

  43. Debbie Winstanley says:

    I love all the separate compartments. How useful!

  44. Sarah N says:

    This looks like a great quality bag

  45. Tammy Tudor says:

    Wow! Love the idea and this one seems like high quality!

  46. Lynne Harper says:

    I must show this to my husband. He needs a new camera bag to carry his equipment and this looks perfect x
    Lynne Harper recently posted…Maggie Yer MaMy Profile

  47. Zoe C says:

    Like that you can also put other stuff in there too, while still protecting your camera etc

  48. Jenni says:

    This looks great, I love how much you fit into it

  49. Alice Gilkes says:

    Great review.

  50. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Love the dual layer which means camera equipment is protected

  51. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    This is interesting to me to read as personally i haven’t found a camera backpack i’ve been happy with to use either its to small or to big i just can’t find the right one to make me happy.

  52. Linda Hobbis says:

    I could actually do with a backpack like that. On holiday I always seem to be juggling a handbag and a beachbag plus numerous plastic carrier bags. I feel like a packhorse!

  53. Jem says:

    I’ve been looking for a new camera bag. This one looks great!

  54. Sharon Saunders says:

    I haven’t yet managed to find the perfect bag to carry all of our things – it always seems to be good for the kids, or good for the camera etc but never good for all! This seems to hit the spot – so I’m definitely going to check it out.

  55. Anosa says:

    This looks like a fab backpack – I do love that you got it so dirty but mentioned that it easily wipes clean. As we all know, bags and backpacks do get dirty so it is good to know it can be cleaned up quickly and simply.

  56. What a fantastic backpack – we take our cameras and phones everywhere and I hate packing them with everything else so I may have to invest in one of these!

  57. Isabel O says:

    Considering how much it carries it still looks quite fashionable and compact, I like it!

  58. Jane Willis says:

    This looks like just what my husband needs to carry all his photography kit in

  59. Nigel Soper says:

    Seems like a great backpack

  60. Susie Wilkinson says:

    That looks a really stylist backpack, and I love the different partitions!

  61. Tee Simpson says:

    So practical and spacious. Looks great.

  62. Clare says:

    I’m always like a pack horse whenever we go out for the day so I feel your pain! This looks like a great solution.

  63. laura banks says:

    great very handy for the hubby

  64. laura stewart says:

    lovely prize x

  65. Kim Styles says:

    I like the waterproof cover ! what a great idea. good place to pop your phone too!

  66. Angela Ricardo Bethea says:

    I love the whole look of this camera backpack and it looks perfect for the travelers. I will definitely check this out.

  67. Tracy Nixon says:

    Looks a great size, comfortable to carry and has lots of compartments !

  68. This is a really nice looking camera bag, I have some similar but it doesn’t look as hard wearing as this one x
    Rhian Westbury recently posted…Five Things – Week 117My Profile

  69. Laura says:

    Oh this bag looks perfect especially for those carrying a lot of photographic equipment around and want something that is practical but also looks good – might have to pick one up for myself
    Laura recently posted…Mindful moments with Stars and SageMy Profile

  70. Melanie says:

    What a fab backpack. I do love all the seperate compartments to keep organised x

  71. I’m not sure that I have a camera big enough for this kind of bag, but i love the style of it. It looks juts like a normal trendy backpack 🙂

  72. Woweee! That’s some capacity, we could sure do with a new rucksack to incorporate our Canon and lenses. Love the compartments – plus it looks really stylish!
    Bella and Dawn at Dear Mummy Blog recently posted…A Father’s Day Treat from Hamper.comMy Profile

  73. Joanna says:

    The backpack looks great and I like the shape very much. I used to have a 2 in 1 laptop camera bag but it was very bulky and heavy. Now I changed to a mirorless so I need less space for my camera.

  74. That’s such a lovely looking backpack and a great price too. I could definitely do with one of these!

  75. This is such a versatile camera bag especially since its got lots of compartments and your post comes in such good timing too as mine just recently tore and I need a new one.

  76. The backpacks sounds like it is very durable. I should get one of these rather than the shoulder camera bag I have. The back pack would be easier to use as my bag keeps sliding off my shoulder.
    MELANIE EDJOURIAN recently posted…Sandy Beach Gran CanariaMy Profile

  77. Laura says:

    I don’t do a lot of photography these days. Mainly after destroying yet another camera because it was shoved in my rucksack with everything else I couldn’t bring myself to invest in another. This bag looks ideal for parents with cameras 🙂
    Laura recently posted…Sunshine Blogger AwardMy Profile

  78. susanna says:

    I need a backpack like that. I too have ruined many lenses. Sounds fab. x

  79. I’m impressed with how dirty you got it, talk about a good review and putting it through its paces. JJ and I both got Inateck bags recently and we are finding them wonderful. Mich x
    michelle twin mum recently posted…Bio-degradable Pads now Available in your Teens BettyboxMy Profile

  80. Erica Hughes says:

    I have a separate camera bag, but I rarely end up using it. I need something built in like this for a day out.
    Erica Hughes recently posted…Playing NFL Flag with Subway™My Profile

  81. That looks so pro! Reckon I’d need one of these when I have more lenses!

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