I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Review


Do you remember Girl’s World growing up?

I remember I used to love mine and would spend hours styling her hair and doing her make-up.

Eliza is now 8 and is at the age where she is starting to care about and experiment with her appearance, so when we were invited to review the brand new I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Lucy, from I’M A GIRLY, I knew she was going to love it.

The 33-cm tall beautiful styling head comes with earrings, hair accessories,
self-adhesive gemstones for the face and magnetic eyelashes.

The first thing that struck me when we took the styling head out of the box is that it is larger than other styling heads and has broader features, making it easier to work with.

Eliza has had Disney Princess styling heads before and their hair as been quite sparse, making styling difficult, whereas I’M A STYLIST has a good amount of hair to work with.

Also available are the signature I’M A GIRLY interchangeable wigs in a variety of colours, so the soft hair can be easily exchanged for different shades, textures and looks, allowing kids to style and even cut it. The wig comes with a handy stand for easy storage.

Eliza started off with a simple look of bunchies and applying the gems to the dolls face.

Because the I’M A STYLIST head’s hair is nice and long, and you can secure it to table using suction cups, it is perfect for practising different hairstyles on, including plaits.

Eliza looked up how to do a fishtail plait on youtube and followed the instructions.

It wasn’t a bad attempt for a first go!

Also in the box are magnetic eyelashes, which are easy to apply on the doll for a really “wow” effect.

To change the wig, loosen the elastic at the back of the head and pull it out of the notch that runs all the way around the dolls head.

Insert the new wig with the elastic at the back of the next into the notch and hold the wig at the back and pull the front part over the top of the product
until the rubber band is fully placed in the notch.

To secure it, simply tie together the strings at the back and her hair is ready to style.

These Styling heads are for perfect for children aged 3 – 15 and have an RRP of £89. Wigs cost from £23.

I can see ours being used for years to come.

The I’M A GIRLY brand landed in Harrods and Hamleys for the first time last year. The brand promotes inclusivity and diversity and is aimed at both girls and boys. Their fashion dolls come in a variety of styles with natural proportions and varying skin tones, hair colours and textures and its products are designed by girls and boys aged 9 to 13 on its KIDS4KIDS panel.

Your child could be part of the KIDS4KIDS panel!

Do you have a child aged 9 to 12 who’s creative and interested in design and fashion? They can win a place on the KIDS4KIDS design team designing clothes and accessories for the product range. The winners will have the opportunity to meet with the I’M A GIRLY team in London and design clothes for the Fall Winter collection. It will be an afternoon full of drawing, playing with fabrics and brainstorming outfits!

Let your little designer show their creativity by entering. Here’s how!

  • Download this sheet with an illustration of the I’M A GIRLY doll: IAG _ Drawing Template
  • Your designer can draw on it, create a collage from images, fabrics and colours etc. to create their very own and individual outfit
  • Once their creation is finished, take a picture of it and send it to info@imagirly.com
  • Competition ends 21 May 2019
  • The KIDS4KIDS design team will choose the best designs and winners will be announced 24 May 2019
  • The winners are invited to take part in the design session in London on 15 June 2019 2-5pm*

*travel not included

The project is sponsored by I’M A GIRLY.

Read the Terms & Conditions

DISCLAIMER: This post is part of a paid project with I’M A GIRLY and BritMums, promoting the I’M A STYLIST styling heads, that just landed in Harrods and Hamleys. They are hip, cheeky, trendy and a bridge between childhood and teenage years. See the styling heads, the fashion dolls and accessories atwww.imagirly.com/uk/

41 thoughts on “I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Review

  1. Tasha says:

    This is so cute! She looks like she’s having so much fun!
    Tasha recently posted…Serum vs oil for hair, a comparisonMy Profile

  2. Wow sounds like she has really enjoyed using this and I love all the accessories it comes with – a great way to kids to get creative

    Laura x

  3. Aby Moore says:

    It’s great for them to practice on as it’s so life like x

  4. I loved Girls World growing up and the girls both love doing hairstyles on their dolls. The accessories you get with this head are pretty awesome aren’t they
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…6 Things to Keep Your Children Busy in a Small GardenMy Profile

  5. Puja says:

    This is so cute. I wish we had something like this when we were young. I am sure little girls have a lot of fun playing with the styling dolls.

  6. Natalie says:

    My girls love these styling heads – they can play with them for hours and it beats them playing with my hair lol!!

  7. Marianne says:

    They are fantastic, aren’t they? The twins have spent hours on their styling head and have tried some great new ideas. It’s great they can practise plaits again and again until they get it right.

  8. Travelogy says:

    wow lovely i think its great hair style i have a daughter and i will try this for her i think she will really look like doll

  9. Love the competition! It sounds so much fun! I wish I could have a girl to let her participate in it

  10. Kalyan Panja says:

    Nice reading your tips. It would be extremely useful for those who are looking for styling heads.
    Kalyan Panja recently posted…6 Best Hotels In Singapore for FamiliesMy Profile

  11. i didnt know they still made these! awesome for inspiring future stylists!

  12. Karen Beddow says:

    Oh I think your daughter is better at plaiting than me. She’ll be a pro in no time.

  13. Oh wow, this looks such better quality than other ones I have seen. I love that the hair can be changed too.

  14. The styling doll my daughter had when she was little was rubbish compared to this one. It is such good quality!

  15. Catherine says:

    What a fun toy for the little ones! I remember my daughter loved having a styling doll! Fun memories 🙂

  16. Laura Wheatley says:

    Oh wow my daughter would love this! it looks so much better that usual girls styling heads

  17. Becca Talbot says:

    I would have LOVED this when I was little! We never had anything like this 🙁 looks like so much fun x

  18. Amy says:

    This is so cute andfun. My girls love to play a role-playing when each of them plays as a hair stylist. This would be perfect for them.

  19. Rosey says:

    I had something similar when I was a kid. I do remember it being so fun.

  20. This is so cool! I wish there were these kinds of styling head when I was little.

  21. Emma says:

    We had a similar Disney Princess head and had the same problem with sparse hair. This looks so much better!

  22. This looks like so much fun, especially for budding hair stylists. My kids would love it!

  23. Oh, these have come such a long way since I was a child. I remember my sister and I had one. This looks great and very creative.
    Nadia – Scandi Mummy recently posted…REVIEW OF SÖND SKINCARE FOR SENSITIVE SKINMy Profile

  24. Lynne Harper says:

    I had one when i was small and loved it. I think she is was spurred me on into hairdressing lol

  25. Laura Dove says:

    Oh this looks fab! My girls love this kind of thing, they are obsessed with playing with hair!

  26. Romy Schorr says:

    I think this is so awesome for little ones! It gives them room to be creative and that could possibly lead to a career in hair styling.

  27. Norafiqin says:

    I remember being so bad with dolls! I would break the arms and tear the heads apart only to try and put them back together. they don’t always work.. haha! definitely going to keep this in mind for my friend’s kid!

  28. twinspirationalparties says:

    I’m not really into dolls. But this one looks so good.. Little girls would really love this..

  29. Serin Quinn says:

    This looks like so much fun, I’m sure my kids would love it! Always wanted one as a child!

  30. Tamara says:

    Cuteness overload!

  31. Jessica May says:

    My daughter had something similar in school and loved it! This model looks like so much fun!

  32. Jenny says:

    I loved my Girl’s World when I was growing up, this looks like a fun toy for kids.

  33. Talya Stone says:

    This definitely reminds me of something I remember coveting as a little girl! My daughter is starting to get into styling so would love this.

  34. What a fab review. I like that you can change the hair over. That is super cool. It’s a great way for kids to learn to plait.

  35. Jon says:

    I swear something like this used to be around in the 80s and I’m sure I remember my sister playing with something VERY similar to this!
    Jon recently posted…Appen Butler HillMy Profile

  36. Anosa says:

    I didn’t have Girl’s world but had something similar and I loved plaiting my dolls hair and styling it.
    Anosa recently posted…Ham House and Garden, London | Local AdventuresMy Profile

  37. I remember as a child I had a similar game and it was important to learn how to take care of my hair, experiment with hairstyle and develop my imagination.

  38. Girl’s World, what a blast from the past! I used to spend hours doing her makeup and her hair. I’m a Stylist head looks much better though and has lots more accessories.

  39. These styling heads look like such a lot of fun!

  40. I can remember having a hair styling doll when I was little, but it never looked this amazing.

  41. Oh wow this has to be one of the best styling heads I have seen, I know my daughter would love it too! Like you mentioned, other styling heads I have seen the hair has been quite sparse or thin but this one looks like it has lovely thick and soft hair. A great idea with the wigs too so the hair can be changed etc!
    Jess Howliston recently posted…Little Tikes – Turtle Sandbox **REVIEW**My Profile

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