Ideas for supporting military charities in the UK

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With a staggering 2,200 military charities established across the United Kingdom, the plight of our veterans is obviously a cause close to our hearts. Indeed, most of us have some kind of connection to the armed forces; it could be that our grandparents shared inspiring war stories when we were children or maybe a close relation is currently serving in a regiment; a friend, a brother, a partner?

Unfortunately, all too often our veterans return to Britain suffering from serious mental and physical conditions caused by their experiences. They may require ongoing assistance and welfare support during their recovery process. What’s more, a substantial number of those who return from a war-zone will have to undergo a readjustment period. They’ll have to integrate back into the community, find employment and perhaps somewhere to live.

Many of us would like to show our gratitude by giving something back to these remarkable servicemen and women who have put their lives on the line. With this in mind, we’re going to look at the best ways you can be a force of good for your armed forces by helping to raise money and support some of the most commendable military charities in Britain.


Fun ways to raise funds

There are endless ways to get involved when it comes to fundraising for a military charity. You could organise a fun run, a bake-off, a sports day, an auction or even a battle of the bands! The list goes on.

Other than the event itself, you could also include free giveaways and raffles as a novel way for participants to become directly involved in your event. A good example of this is the commemorative medal developed by the RAF Association and the London Mint Office to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Unique collectibles like this are not only good for publicity and raising awareness but offer an incentive for people to donate too.

Spread the word!

Thanks to social networking sites, it’s easy to successfully market your charitable endeavours. You can publicise your event on Facebook or Twitter with a quick click of a button. You can set up a fundraising platform on websites like JustGiving as a convenient method for your sponsors to donate. Why not design a poster to advertise the event and put it up in a nearby community centre? You could even publish an article in your local newsletter so it reaches a wider audience. If you really want to get the word out tell local media outlets so they can cover it on the day!

Other things to keep in mind

However large or small your event, it’s always important to remember a few key points so things run smoothly:

  • Set a time and date! Generally speaking, weekends are advisable, especially if you’re planning a family friendly event.
  • Book any equipment or entertainment you may need in advance to avoid disappointment and last-minute panic.
  • Organise sponsor forms for potential donors. When money is involved, it’s crucial be on top of things and keep track of your donations.
  • Give people advance warning about when your event is; this will ensure the best possible turnout on the day.
  • Will you require volunteers? If so, how many and where will you source them from?

Finally, have fun and take photos of your event. It’s a huge achievement and one that has been for a good cause. Reward yourself for all that hard work!

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