Ideas for decorating the kid’s bedroom

With the days starting to get a little shorter, it seems like the perfect time to have a think about how we can make our children’s bedroom a little cosier for the winter months.

Decorating a kid’s bedroom is certainly much more fun than other rooms in the house, as this is an area where we can all use our imaginations to create some designs that are full of colour and wonder.

Whilst there are always items like children’s desks and beds that need careful consideration, for many other areas, we can get the kids involved in some great craft decoration ideas.

felt tips

It’s always really important to make sure that children feel involved in the design of their rooms, as whether they’re into Harry Potter or the local football team, they’ll definitely want to include a few features of their own.

This is why allowing them to clip up their own artwork can be a great idea, but having a chalkboard in their bedroom where they are provided with a daily art challenge can also be a good way of inspiring young minds, and it keeps the decor up-to-date with their changing crazes!


When it comes to painting the walls, it’s always a tough decision. That’s why keeping things simple and subdued in neutral colours can often be a good idea. And if that’s too boring, then why not liven things up with some wall stickers from Wall Glamour that can simply be peeled off without ruining your immaculate paint job!

This idea of stickers might even inspire you to put some wall stickers in other spaces of your home! Of course, you might not want the alphabet, farmyard animals or glow in the dark stars around the rest of your home, but there are plenty more mature designs to be found at the Aspect Wall Art website.

Of course there are some things that require a little more longevity, and whilst it can be tempting to splash out on a bunk bed, it’s important to remember that our little ones have a habit of growing up. In which case an ottoman bed is not only great for a teenager’s room, but the ones from Bedstar have lots of space for their growing bodies, and also plenty of room underneath for that rapidly multiplying toy collection!


And in order to stop those little hands getting felt-tip pen on the new ottoman bed, it can be a good idea to make sure that they have their own workspace. I love this Lego-styled desk that will allow them to wreak havoc without destroying the carefully thought-out room design!

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