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With half term creeping on us very quickly, it is time to think about places we can take the children to keep them entertained.  If you are anything like me you will worry about them getting lost and wish you had eyes in the back of your head, especially in busy places………..let me introduce you to the new, cool identity bracelet for kids.

Safesport ID

Safesport id is an identifying and medical bracelet that you can customize with your emergency information. In case of accident, emergency services may identify you, contact your family, know any allergies or diseases you may have or medication you are taking. This vital information can help save your life. It is also ideal for children, the elderly, and for those people who may get lost easily.

Safesport ID

The models PRO and MINI are made of silicone and stainless steel and were specially designed for the most demanding sports. The BASIC and KIDS versions are made of 100% silicone and the data is engraved directly into the wristband. All models are so light and comfortable that you may end up using it every day, even when you are not practicing sports.

Safesport ID

I was offered the opportunity to review the personalised kids bracelets and I chose one for Isaac and one for Eliza.  The ID bracelets come in several sizes to ensure you get the right fit for your child and you can personalise with any details you choose.

Safe Sport ID
Safe Sport ID

We chose to have their name, year of birth, our telephone numbers and their allergy status.  The details are punched into the silicone, so even if the bracelets get dirty, the details can easily be read.  It gave me real piece of mind when we were out and about in Cornwall that if they did get lost, that we could be contacted quickly.  The kids couldn’t wait to wear them as they looked like fashion bracelets that their older siblings wear too!

The bracelets are sold online allowing them to offer you a better price and a direct service, with no intermediaries, while minimizing their environmental impact and readers of my blog can get a 20% discount using the code CPCHELSEAM until 31st March 2014.

About Safesport id

They are a group of sport lovers who one day decided to turn a passion into a lifestyle. They love the fact that our work allows us to meet and help people with similar interests, and it fills us with satisfaction to see that our products are useful when you most need them, especially helping in emergency situations.  You can find them on facebook here.

Their Mission

To raise awareness of the need to practice sports safely, always wearing an identifying bracelet that may speak for you in the event of an accident. If they manage to make its use as natural as wearing a bicycle helmet, we will have helped many people in emergency situations.


17 thoughts on “ID Bracelets for Kids

  1. Interesting idea – thanks for sharing.
    Emily @amummytoo recently posted…From neglected junk room to beautiful bedroom (stage 1)My Profile

  2. This is great idea!
    Every child should wear one
    Agata Pokutycka recently posted…Review – Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Waterless Car Wax and PolishMy Profile

  3. What a great idea. Really useful when on holiday or in shopping malls.
    VaiChin@ Rambling Through Parenthood recently posted…Jumpers, Sweaters and Woolly ThingsMy Profile

  4. Brilliant, brilliant idea!

  5. Jenni says:

    I’ve not seen these before, interesting idea. I think I would put my name on them so they know who to contact.
    Jenni recently posted…Choosing Statement MirrorsMy Profile

  6. Michelle says:

    A good idea, especially as the details are embossed in so that they won’t rub off.
    Michelle recently posted…How To Be Confident [BRITA Boost Challenge]My Profile

  7. I LOVE this – we’ve been looking for a suitable medical ID bracelet for AGES for our kids with complex health issues. Needs to be soft, not too tight, hypoallergenic and not too large etc etc. Not found anything quite right before, definitely going to check these out.
    Kate Thompson recently posted…“Wiggling” the WiresMy Profile

  8. Sarah Bailey says:

    What a great idea – I know I managed to wander off a few times as a child curiosity getting the better of me. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…OXO Large Upright Dustpan: ReviewMy Profile

  9. We love these. They were perfect for our florida holiday
    Jen aka The Mad House recently posted…Heart bookmarksMy Profile

  10. What a great idea – I’m always soooo worried about losing one of my two! And we had a heart-stopping 45 mins when we DID lose Austin, on holiday in Scotland. Terrifying…. recently posted…Cookisto: Our Time of Gifts week 29My Profile

  11. A good for my son as he has autism and wouldn’t be able to talk to get somebody to help, dread the thought to be honest…
    Sam @happyhomebird recently posted…A little box of yummy treatsMy Profile

  12. What an ingenious idea! And they are quite cool too, which helps the kids’ enthusiasm to wear them 🙂
    suzanne3childrenandit recently posted…Things I Discovered….My Profile

  13. Looks like a really good idea – for me as well as the kids. I’m not sure whether the kids would actually keep them on though at age 2 and 4, might work better with slightly older children?
    Mummygadgetgeek recently posted…Stokke Steps – first look at the new all-in-one modular highchair systemMy Profile

  14. Emmys Mummy says:

    Great idea but I do wonder how much is too much information to include – it’s a horrible scary thought that a stranger could know our kids names – I think I would have to include parents info only
    Emmys Mummy recently posted…Touched by a princess – A letter to Matilda MaeMy Profile

    • ChelseaMamma says:

      You can out whatever info you choose but having worked in a busy supermarket dealing with lost children having a name is really beneficial as they tend to go shy and not talk to you

  15. Lauren says:

    What a good idea! Mine is a little diddy for these just yet and is never out of my sight but I can see how useful these will be in the future!
    Lauren recently posted…Birthday shenanigansMy Profile

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