I did it!

I finally plucked up the courage and did it!
What you may ask??
I handed in my notice at work so won’t be going back after maternity leave!
I have been dreading going back to work throughout my maternity leave, not because I don’t want to work (I always have), but because they treated me so badly since returning to work after having Isaac.
I have only ever had two proper jobs, I was at a major supermarket for almost 16 years and then with this employer 7 years. Both times I have left when the roles just don’t fit in with family life.
As I have got older I have come to realise that work life balance is far more important and you have to be happy in your job to be happy at home.
It’s going to be tough, I don’t deny that. A year on maternity leave has got us used to counting every penny and I have a plan………TBC

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