HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review

Being the owner of a daughter aged 24, finding the ideal gift can be a challenge.

Like many girls, or should I say, young women, she is a fan of the “selfie”.

She has perfected the pout and is forever sending amusing snapchats or uploading her pictures to facebook. She has even managed to get her younger siblings involved who all demand Snapchat as soon as she walks in the door.

In fact, at a recent family occasion the only actual photos we got of everyone were from the kids messing around taking pictures.

With that in mind, when we were offered the HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set to review, I knew it would be the perfect solution.

What is HP Sprocket?

HP Sprocket is a portable printer, no bigger than your Smart Phone, designed to be carried around in your bag or pocket, so perfect for days out with friends and parties.

HP Sprocket

To use it, simply download the HP Sprocket App, available on android and iTunes and quickly customise and print your favourite social media photos. They can be printed from your photo stream or social media accounts directly by simply switching bluetooth on, on your device.

HP Sprocket App

Inside the limited edition gift box you will find:

  • White HP Sprocket Smartphone printer
  • A band on trend Rose Gold Wallet case (for storing your Sprocket, cable and printer paper)
  • A code for a FREE personalised sprocket skin
  • Photo Album
  • A USB cable
  • 10 sticky backed Printer papers which can be used as photo paper or peel the back to use as stickers

HP Sprocket Printer

The HP Sprocket is simple to use and the quality is outstanding for such a small little printer and the Gift Set is currently on offer for £119, reduced from £180 – a saving of £60.

This is the perfect gift for any social media loving teen or young adult!!

Disclaimer: I was sent the HP Sprocket to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set

14 thoughts on “HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Set Review

  1. Nikki Thomas says:

    We have been reviewing the HP Sprocket too and I absolutely love it, it is so amazing. The set is so cool, it is so nice to have the case to carry it around in and my daughter loves the little photo album too

  2. Wow – love this – it would be the perfect gift for my nieces. Love it comes in a gift set. x

  3. This is on my wish list this Christmas! It looks amazing and so beautiful!

  4. My teenage daughter has asked for this for Christmas, it sounds brilliant so I think we might have to get her it x

  5. Katy Stevens says:

    This looks fantastic – I love the idea of printing out photos right away!

  6. What a great idea. Fab gift for any kid old enough to work it. I would certainly consider buying one

  7. Sonia Cave says:

    This is a great idea, and I never knew there were things like this out there existing!! Something new learnt today

  8. This is such a good idea – my brother would love this! Thank you for the idea 🙂

  9. Talya says:

    This is so cool! Like a modern day Polaroid. Love it!

  10. Lu Lovely says:

    I have the HP sprocket too. Aren’t they amazing? We have so much fun printing out of photos and sharing them. Love these

  11. Wayne says:

    I bought my wife the Polaroid version last year. She has just recieved this one. Will be interesting to compare

  12. Jon says:

    What a clever idea! This is sure to sell well at Christmas I would have thought!

  13. Fuona says:

    Now I get it my girl would love this

  14. Sabina Green says:

    Oh wow this looks brilliant, I hadn’t heard of it but like you say it’s an ideal Christmas present. I shall have to add it to our list 🙂

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