How Tradeshows are a Great Investment!

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For companies that want to publicise and showcase their products, tradeshows are a great investment. With the dot com boom and the advances in social media marketing, the value of trade shows has been overlooked in some industries. While Internet technology is changing the marketing landscape at a rapid pace, there are several unique benefits to having an exhibit presence at a trade show

There are opportunities for fresh prospects at trade shows, with about 64 percent of attendees not being customers of the exhibitor’s companies.

An average of 4.5 sales calls is needed to close a sale without an exhibition lead. However, it only takes about 3.5 sales calls to closing lead stemming from an exhibition, spotlighting the unique advantage of face-to-face contact between companies and prospective customers.

The average attendee to these trade shows will spend about 5.5 hours on the floor in total. Most people that attend a trade show are already somewhat familiar with the type of product being showcased, especially if the exhibitions centre around a specific niche. Exhibits will maximise your exposure to a demographic that is several steps into the sales funnel.

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While trade shows are viable options to test a new product in the market and connect with attendees, one of the other benefits that tend to be gleaned over is the ability to gather market knowledge. Through trade shows, companies can gather market intelligence on in their industry niche. This will empower them with opportunities to learn about the competition and the market at a more intimate level. By observing the booths of their competitors, companies will have an intimate understanding of not only the competitor’s product lineup but also the marketing that goes behind it.

To take advantage of eager attendees, you’ll need custom trade show displays.

Planning a trade show display can be stressful, particularly when you have limited experience and a limited time frame to work in. There are many considerations to take into account during the planning process. Here are some of the more pertinent factors to a productive trade show experience.

Make it easy on yourself by being proactive. If you’re going to apply for an exhibition or a convention, make sure to apply early. If you have been invited, and make sure that you respond to the invitation as soon as possible.

Take advantage of custom trade show displays. There is going to be a lot of competitors during these exhibitions — you will want to stand out from the crowd by using a custom trade show display. These custom trade show displays use light technology, marquees, and other features to make your booth an immersive experience for those who attend or interact with your product.

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