How to Win at Sales Shopping


Shopping the sales can be dangerous and I am living proof that it doesn’t always go to plan!

In the past I have been known to buy the wrong size dress that I had fallen in love with and “determined” to fit into it – I never did; Bought the wrong size shoes and wore them for all of 5 minutes before I admitted to myself that they didn’t fit; Wasted money on gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time which sat unused at the back of the drawer unloved and bought the kids clothes miles to big that I either put away and forgot about or they were completely out of fashion by the time they grew into them.

The thing about sales shopping is into to give in to temptation and take a list with you of exactly what you want – and stick to it and if you find an item that you want and they don’t have your size, take down the product name / number and look online, or phone other local stores to see if they have it.

Eliza wants a bike for her birthday this year and I was hoping there would be some fabulous deals in the January sales, however I was mainly disappointed. All the bikes with baby seats / baskets on the front like she wanted were still the same price, however, I have found her a plain girls bike reduced to £50 from £119 in Smyths Toys and then bought a basket and a dolls seat for the back for an extra £14.

Abbey wanted some new ladies boots for Christmas but as she was away for Christmas, instead of buying them at full price I waited until she got back and paid 70% less for them!

If like me you never have any money left to go sale shopping after Christmas, it is worth buying or saving gift cards that you have received during the year, that way you will have money to spend!

I do have one sale period gripe though – I have Eliza’s birthday in January and none of the toy shops really restock until February which makes my options limited, so if it was a Christmas must have item I would recommend getting it well before Christmas just in case!

What are your best sales tips!!

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