How To Save Money On A Peak Season Holiday

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Going on a cottage holiday in the off-season can be cost-effective, but it comes with a cost. You could miss out on all the good weather and seasonal activities that drew you to that destination in the first place. No worries! Did you know you can still go on holiday during the peak season and still save money? Here are some ways you can pinch pennies on your cottage holidays during peak season.

Plan Ahead

This is a big one. Booking flights, ferries or room accommodations are a great way to spend too much money. If you want to ensure you get the best prices for these things, you have to book early. If you are planning to take your holiday in July or August, the best times to book for flights and things like that would be in February or March. If you are booking a package holiday, it can be a little more complicated figuring out the best time book. When in doubt, air on the side of early.

This also applies to booking accommodations, but for different reasons. You may not save any money by booking early, but you will have better options to choose from, which is always beneficial. Try not to book on the edges or outskirts of expensive areas but instead try booking in a lesser-known region. If you can, try to book your housing accommodations through a registered rental agency site or directly throw the owner. This cuts down on the traveler fee and rental fee.

Take Your Holiday Midweek

Traveling midweek is another way you can get cheaper flights and ferries instead of going on a Saturday or Sunday. Going midweek is also great timing for your hotel-based holidays because self-catering accommodations are typically booked from Saturday to Saturday

Go In Late May…

If you travel in late May, prices for resort stays will be cheaper than if you were to go in July or August. There is a savings of 10 percent even though the prices may still be relatively high. One perk of going right before the crowd comes is the resorts, beaches and roads will not be as crowded.

….Or Go In Mid Or Late August

Going on holiday during these times can be slightly cheaper than May as the last week of August offers the best prices typically. Sometimes the best prices fall in the middle of the month. Either way, that is why it is good to book early so you can keep an eye out for price fluctuations. If you are unable to book early, mid or late August is when you will most likely find the best availability for a reasonable deal.

Go Where There Is More Availability

Those places are where you are going to save the most money. For instance, it may be a good idea for a holiday in Spain, Portugal or France because there are more flights from those places than any other place in Europe. This can allow you to find reasonable prices.

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