How to Maximize Garden Space utilization for Setting up A Seating Area


A thing of beauty is a joy forever. What better place than your personal garden to enjoy the beauty of nature. Due to space constraints, you may often find your garden very cramped up at a social gathering and even other family occasions. Your garden should have a comfortable seating arrangement for you to sit there and relax. It should be easy to clean and maintain as well.

It need not be very costly or time-consuming to invest in setting up a seating area by utilizing the garden space available. Some innovation, some creative thinking, and organized planning are enough.

Budget it Out

The list of accessories and seating options you may want to place in your garden may be often longer than what your budget allows. But, do that exercise so that you don’t miss out on anything important. Scout for items available online and offline; do the economics; and then place your orders!

Plan and Design

Study the shape and size of your garden. It may be a sprawling lawn of a bungalow or an extension of an apartment balcony; both types can easily accommodate your seating. Lay out a plan and design it on a sheet for paper for an overview.

Weather Shields

The seating arrangement in your garden should be such that you can enjoy your garden and its plants throughout the year. Come rain or sun, these should not be deterrents for you. Fix a thatched roof to keep you safe from the sun on a hot sunny day; and /or a slanting glass roof for protection from the rain.

Seating Materials

Bamboo, cane, plastics, stones and tiles can be used for the seats. Use these along with artificial outdoor plants and decorative plants that are environment friendly and everlasting. You will find that cleaning and maintenance becomes so much easier by choosing the right material for your garden seating. Keep in mind the climatic conditions of the area that you live in.

Design Ideas

Wooden Shacks, canopies, thatched roofs are good options. If you have a huge tree in the garden, hang some swings on ropes to utilize that extra space instead of cutting down the tree. You can even fix flat wooden planks in some of the flat branches for seating stools. Hammocks tied from tree to tree are also good ideas; they look colourful and are weather friendly too. A good way to connect with nature is placing tree stumps in a circle or oval alignment with a slightly larger and taller stump for a table. This will take away all worries in all weather conditions.

Stone benches are also a great idea and give a colonial look to the garden. Stone or wooden benches tucked in against the wall take less space. A pillar or two by their side and some decorative artificial palm trees in colourful ceramic pots complete the picture.

Garden Furniture

An ideal arrangement for seating is a circular one. You can place one personal favourite seat in a niche or under a tree for privacy. Place toad stools or bean bags for children around a pond if there is one. In larger garden spaces, place seats at different strategic places so that you can stop anywhere and enjoy your garden. Large rocks already in the garden can also be used for sitting.

Furniture and Accessories

Garden recliners with storage space under them are also a good bet. Keep small towels and may some soap to clean your hands before going into the house. In fact, if you want to save on more space, make storage space under the chairs and benches that you will place in the garden. This space can be used for storing light garden tools and implements, give a neater storage appearance, and keep these items handy for use in the garden. But, take care not to make these storage areas very heavy as you may need to relocate the seating during rains or due to more people coming into to your garden. Place a folding garden umbrella stand and fan out the umbrella when the weather needs it.

Cane stools, plastic chairs, folding tables and side tables are a great way to create more space for sitting out. Simply unfold and place them as per the crowd in your garden. Mattresses can be used for relaxing out as these can be taken into the house or brought out to the garden when needed.

Save precious space in your garden by placing wooden ladders for placing your plants; and stone or tiled ladders for sitting. Hang the plants for more ground space to place something for you to sit on and enjoy the natural beauty around. You can even make wooden, stone or tiled racks or shelves to display your pots and other decorations for your garden. Use the empty space for placing your favorite cane chair or bamboo rocking chair.

Kinds of Plants

Artificial plants look very realistic and are easier to maintain than the real ones. Faux plants and trees around the seating arrangements in your garden won’t attract insects and mosquitoes to spoil your fun or cause any illness. There is wide selection of artificial outdoor plants and trees to choose from.  Silk plants and decorative plants add to the beauty of the garden. Place a silk plant on the centre table or a side table for that look.

These are colourful, easy to clean without wasting much water; and don’t have problems like withering, wilting, or shedding. You don’t even need to water, weed, or manure them. Just buy something of your choice and place them in your terrace garden, the verandahs of your house, the balconies of your apartments, and even the lawns of your independent house. Select the height, colour, and size that you want and you won’t have to wait for days and months to pass before you see your favourite flower bloom. Save on man power; resources like water and manure; and the time to maintain and nurture them.

Imagine and innovate for that precious space in your garden to sit and relax there.

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