How to declutter without guilt in time for Christmas

During the first lockdown, many of us did a huge clear-out of our homes and many a bag was taken to the charity shop or tip. I don’t know about you but this certainly made me aware of just how much waste I was creating and how many items I was purchasing that I simply didn’t need. So much so that I have made a promise to myself to be savvier with my spending moving forward to avoid fewer surplus items and to keep my home decluttered. This doesn’t mean any more nice new things, I am just going to be more responsible in what I do with my old unwanted items and to invest in better quality new items that will last longer. Viva la revolution! 

What you will be pleased to know is that there are many ways to avoid any old item of yours ending up in a landfill with the sustainable industry growing leaps and bounds over the past year or so. Below are some of my favourite sites:

Second Hand Fashion, it’s on Trend, Darling 

If you are anything like me and a bit of a fashionista then you will love to know that sites such as vinted allow you to sell your clothes online and give them a second life with someone who will cherish them. Unlike eBay there is no cost to add and you don’t need to worry about auctions etc as the clothes are sold for the price that you list them for. Fabulous! The best part is that you can clear out your wardrobe without worrying about adding to a waste pile. 

Check Your Drawers for Tech! 

check-your-drawers-header (1)

Now we all have that drawer, the tech drawer. Full of old devices, chargers and well, goodness knows what device that battery unit is for…well, you will be pleased to know that you can actually clear out this drawer of your unwanted phones and make some extra cash doing it. Mobile network giffgaff are running a whole campaign around this fact, asking you to check your drawers for unwanted devices and recycling them. Not only do you get to declutter but also make some extra pounds doing so, and without worrying that you have added to an e-waste pile somewhere, fabulous! 

Pre-loved not pre-owned

Now, to the bigger items such as furniture, and white goods. We all know how much of a nightmare it is to get them down to the tip or second-hand store and this is where sites such as preloved and Facebook communities are amazing. You can sell your item online to local people who are seeking exactly what you don’t want anymore for a fair price and they will come and pick the item up for you. It’s the ultimate way to declutter without guilt. 

Do you use any of these or have a great decluttering tip? If so let us know below or continue the conversation over on our social channels and remember, happy decluttering! 


11 thoughts on “How to declutter without guilt in time for Christmas

  1. Im in the middle of having a declutter now. Did you know the British Heart Foudnaion has a free post label you can print off to send your unwanted items to them.
    Mellissa Williams recently posted…Wall Art Review From DesenioMy Profile

  2. We have just had a huge de-clutter session over the past month. I like to do it before Christmas.

  3. I’ve been on a mission with the house since lockdown – I’ve decluttered, decorated, put up pictures and shelves… It really has been the perfect time to sort things out and head into 2021 with a bit of a clearer head and tidier house!

  4. We’ve been declutting in the run-up to Christmas and it feels good to be sorting the house and getting rid of things we’ve not used in ages.

  5. These are great tips, we all need to de clutter and have a clear out. I have so many old mobile phones and ipods hanging around.

  6. Rhian westbury says:

    It’s a great time of the year to make a bit of money by selling your old items as well. I’ve just sent off my old mobile to hopefully make some money on so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that x

  7. Kira says:

    We’ve just had a massive declutter which is always needed before Xmas isn’t it , also made a few pennies too

  8. Becky says:

    My kids are going through their old toys to work out if there is anything they can sell before new things arrive. I think their expectations of how much money they will make might need exploring…

  9. Some great tips. I have decluttered loads and have so much ready and waiting to be donated! Just waiting for the charity shops to reopen.

  10. Ben Cross says:

    I need to remember to declutter my bedroom as I have so much to clear out before Christmas. I am looking to get rid of some old books and CDs by taking them to the charity shop!

  11. I have just put a note to start Christmas clearing and cleaning this weekend in time for the tree to go up next week. Looking at gifting some furniture to family and friends for free who want it.

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