How to Create a Cosy Home on a Budget


Autumn is well and truly in full swing with winter knocking on the door. If you want to save money on those expensive heating bills, you’ll want to consider the following ways to create a cosy home this winter all within a modest budget. A lot more people are working from home with the current restrictions, now is the time to consider how to make your home warm and cosy before the first frosts hit the ground.

The following tips are all budget-friendly, and if you require further advice on accessories for your home, then you can read this post on different ways to accessorise your home.


It can be hard to feel relaxed in a room that is cluttered. The first step to creating a cosy home is to declutter each room. Find a place for things that are lying about. It will give a sense of space as well as giving you a sense of wellbeing too. If there are things you never use, then you can sell them or give to a charity shop.

Create a Comfy Corner

You may not have a lot of space, but what you do have to rearrange to create a comfy corner where you can sit and relax. This could only be putting a comfortable chair in the corner of a room and adding a few scatter cushions and a blanket. A place where you can go and sit and read or look out the window and watch the world go by.

Spruce up your décor

Research shows that colour can affect your mood, so why not choose a relaxing colour and give some of your rooms a new lick of paint? If you don’t have time to do this yourself, then hiring professional residential painters and decorators will ensure the job is completed quickly and efficiently. Depending on how many rooms you want to spruce up, this could be completed within a day.  Meaning you have a nice relaxing, well-decorated room in no time at all.

Lounge in Loungewear

Another budget-friendly tip to make your home cosy is to buy yourself a set of comfortable loungewear. Fleece joggers and fleece hoodie will make you feel so cosy. This is especially important if you are working from home and want to be comfortable. 

If your clothes make you feel cosy and warm, then the rest of the house will feel that way too.

 Light Up

An inexpensive way of making your home feel cosier is to put up fairy lights. Place them on a shelf or hang them from picture frames. Having lights on during the cold and wintery days makes your home feel so much cosier.

Bring the Outside In

Buy yourself flowers or if you grow cut flowers then fill a vase with some. 

Alternatively, you could purchase some indoor plants too. Plants and flowers can help reduce stress as well as adding warmth to your rooms. You could also opt for going for a walk and collecting pine cones. They make a beautiful display. 


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