How to choose the best mother-of-the-bride makeup looks

Mother of the Bride

Once you’ve chosen your mother-of-the-bride dresses and shoes, the glam process is far from over. You still need to plan your hair and makeup looks! But that’s the most fun part of getting ready. Your makeup will put the finishing touches on your look for the big day, and can really influence your overall aesthetic. 

Read on for our tips for how to choose the best mother-of-the-bride makeup looks. 

Compliment your dress

When strolling through the racks of mother of the bride dresses to find the one for you, take note of how it will influence your makeup. For example, if you have your eye on a bright fuschia dress, you might want to wear a matching lip and simple eye. Or, if you’re considering a gorgeous selection of silver mother of the bride dresses, you might think about a silvery, shimmery eye and soft metallic lip. Your makeup can make your dress pop, and vice versa. When you go to your makeup artist consultation (if you’re having a professional do your makeup), bring along your dress or a photo of it. 

Go for waterproof formulas 

The chance of you shedding some tears during the ceremony is very high. You don’t want to have panda eyes or streams of mascara running down your face for the rest of the night! Make sure your mascara and eyeliner are very waterproof. And go one step further by setting your entire face with a long-lasting setting spray. This will keep your base makeup from smudging or wearing off during the event. 

Go for an easy-to-apply lip 

You will be eating, drinking and talking a lot during the wedding. This means that your lipstick will have a pretty hard time staying put, and will need reapplying often. Go for a lip product which is easy to apply without having to go to the bathroom to use the mirror every time, and takes merely a quick swipe to apply. A sheer lipstick or even a gloss always looks fresh, and is a breeze to apply. A liquid lipstick in a bold color, on the other hand, looks stunning but can become very messy when eating. 

Suit the season 

Let the season inspire your makeup look. For Winter weddings, you could go for a deep, smokey eye with plum-toned blush. For Summer, go for bronzed skin, a pop of pink blush, a wash of pale color on the eyes and a peachy gloss. For Fall weddings, rich tones such as plum, terracotta and deep golds are gorgeous. And for Spring, go for fresh, clean colors on the eyes and a dewy skin. 


The makeup you choose as the mother of the bride will put the cherry on top of your entire wedding look. Let your mother of the bride dresses help you make the choice. Remember to show your makeup artist photos of your dress so they can find the perfect color matches. Always remember waterproof eye products, and go for a lip which can be effortlessly reapplied throughout the night. 

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