How Technology Is Changing Our Parcel Delivery

Wherever you look, technology is rapidly changing our way of life. From the workplace, to the way we run our homes, to how we get around, smarter technology is revolutionising more traditional methods.

The aggressive growth of the logistics industry is no exception to the influence of technology. As big-name brands battle it out with emerging competitors, smart-tech is helping to meet the ever-increasing demands of the consumer.

Delivery Methods: Slicker, Greener & More Autonomous

If you look to the motor industry, two of the dominant trends for the next few decades surround eco-friendly vehicles and self-driving technology from the likes of Tesla. Places like Absolutely Couriers are having more of a eco-friendly approach in London.

Naturally the future of our couriers will be shaped by this, as logistics brands look to reduce running costs, increase their environmental sustainability and optimise efficiencies. In the coming years, expect to see greener vehicles, viable drone delivery and autonomous vehicles, with the majority of deliveries predicted be driverless within the next ten years.

Smarter and greener tech is happening right now as well, with the continued rise of smart lockers, as well as the return of the humble bicycle, which is proving a quicker solution for inner-city delivery.

Speed, Speed & More Speed

A recent survey by Dropoff suggested that a staggering 99% of consumers considered speed of delivery an important factor in selecting their service. Indeed, waiting two to three days for standard delivery now seems an eternity in a world where next and same day services are readily available.

As well as shortening delivery times, big players like Amazon are attempting to optimise the entire shopping process. Consider Amazon Dash, that allows you to order your essentials at the press of a button, or the recently trialled Amazon Go, where users scan in and out of shops with their goods, removing the hassle of queuing.

Constant Visibility

While tracking your package isn’t exactly new to the market, better visibility on the delivery process is helping boost customer satisfaction.

Much more regularly, consumers are able to access real-time shipping information on their package. The days of simple processing and ‘out for delivery’ messages are numbered, as more businesses offer GPS services to accurately track the progress of their couriers.

This means the removal of vague delivery times and waiting in all day for a parcel to come, and increased convenience for customers in selecting delivery windows outside of the standard nine to five during the week.

With businesses like Parcel2Go offering the quickest, cheapest and safest delivery options through the industry’s biggest couriers, there’s no doubt that consumers are enjoying the benefits of improved technology in the sector.

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