How Important Is a Mattress to Kids and Health and Development

Sleeping Child

One of my favourite Oscar Wilde’s quotes says that “the best way to make children good is to make them happy.” And there are so many forms in which we can do just that! Giving is only one of them, and I believe it to be the best of all, because of the bliss it brings on their faces and the life example it teaches them – and all of us – for the future.

Helping children get a proper rest is one of the best ways to reach their hearts and contribute to their balanced development. A good repose is a key to staying fit and building up a sharp mind. Various medical studies have shown how vital sleep is for the children. Experts have concluded that sleep deprivation, in their case, is directly associated with health issues and a decline in their academic performance.

Also, other harmful secondary effects of not getting a proper rest include hyperactivity, clumsiness, too much talking, increased sensibility, failure at staying focused for a more extended while and memory problems.

Comfort is the first word that comes to mind when we think of what children require from a good mattress which is supposed to help them sleep well. But comfort is a relative concept even for grown-ups! So let’s see what specialists have to say:

  • Children need 10 – 12 hours of sleep per night to revive their bodies and brains. They usually have busy schedules (school, numerous activities, homework, helping the parents, play time, social time, etc.), in which they invest a lot of energy; thus, by the end of the day, they are exhausted.
  • Medical studies say that kids need their good night rest more than any other age group because they are continually growing, both mentally and physically. During the night, their brain processes everything they have learned through the day, and the body develops most rapidly (I’m referring mainly to bones, hormones, and nerves).
  • The support of the spine is crucial for children while sleeping. The mattress they rest on has to keep their spine and bones aligned; this is extremely important because it affects their growth. The neck has to lie in a relaxed position as well, to reduce stress and allow the spine to grow without any constraints.
  • A child’s spine is very flexible and adaptable, due to the growing process. Still, it is that very flexibility which makes it exposed to more permanent deformities if placed under pressure for extended periods of time – such as 10 hours on an unfit mattress, every night.
  • Nevertheless, a supportive mattress will reduce the tossing, rolling and twiddling of the child, allowing a sound sleep. Keep in mind that children of very young ages (babies and infants) usually need firmer mattresses due to the fast development of their bones.

For all those reasons, it is essential that our children benefit from the advantages of good mattresses like the ones found on If you’re on a budget, there are mattress coupons that can save you money aside with promos and sale offers. Also, keeping them clean is crucial for the kids’ well-being. Flipping and rotating them every six months will ensure a longer life for these products and will provide restful nights, even if the mattresses were not new. Airing them well, outside, on a sunny day will reduce the amount of dust and dust mites.

Thus, when your child is old enough to be involved in the process of picking his bed, and you are roaming through showrooms, to try a mattress after mattress until finding the right one, think of what you could do with the old one instead of throwing it away. Another child could benefit from it many more years to come if the product is recycled correctly. Besides making that kid happy, you’ll teach a valuable lesson to your offspring: “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”.

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