Helpful tips for recovering from an Episiotomy

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When Abbey gave birth to Lilah, she turned to me and asked why I didn’t warn her that labour and birth would be like it was, but I don’t think that anyone or anything can prepare you for the experience.

From the early days of pregnancy with sickness and nausea, then having irritated and stretched skin, to perineal swelling and bruising and cracked nipples after birth, motherhood can be tough, especially if you have had interventions too.

One thing that Abbey has found really helpful is the My Expert Midwife range of products, particularly after having to have an episiotomy.

My Expert Midwife creates multi-award-winning skincare products and toiletries for pregnancy, new mums and babies.

Spritz for Bits is an award-winning hospital bag essential for instant post-birth relief for your sore vulva and perineum, and for recovery. Because this product was developed by experienced midwives, they know just how the body feels after birth – sore and swollen because of stretching, bruising and swelling of the perineum, even if you don’t have a tear or episiotomy.

Spritz for Bits contains natural essential oils which can help to soothe discomfort after childbirth. They have included lavender oil which relieves pain, tea tree oil which is reported to be antibacterial, and witch hazel to help reduce swelling and bruising.

Spritz for Bits

Spritz for Bits feels pleasantly cool where you’re sore and is lightly fragranced to make you feel fresher and the no-mess dispenser even sprays upside-down.

Helpful tips for recovering from an Episiotomy

1. Take painkillers such as paracetamol can help relieve pain and are safe to use if you’re breastfeeding.

2. Using a doughnut-shaped cushion or squeezing your buttocks together while you’re sitting to help relieve pressure and pain at the site of your cut

3. placing an ice pack or ice cubes wrapped in a towel on the incision can help relieve soreness and reduce swelling (avoid placing ice directly on to your skin as this could cause damage)

4. Take a jug of warm (not hot) water with you to the toilet and pour as you wee (or just after), to help take away the sting

5. If you’re passing a stool, place a clean pad at the site of the cut and press gently as you poo. This can help relieve pressure on the cut

6. Use Spritz for Bits to soothe by either spraying on the perineal area, or alternatively, spray onto a tissue and wipe the area, or spray onto a clean maternity pad. It gives you instant relief, giving a warming, soothing sensation.

7. For extra relief, keep Spritz for Bits in the fridge or pour a little into your bath

8. When wiping your bottom, make sure you wipe gently from front to back, helping prevent bacteria in your anus infecting the cut and surrounding tissue

9. If you are worried that your wound may be infected, contact your midwife or doctor immediately. For more advice see:

Did you have to have an episiotomy – what did you find helped you?

16 thoughts on “Helpful tips for recovering from an Episiotomy

  1. Katie Deacon says:

    Ouch!! This sounds scary but I’m glad there’s products like this out there for new mums!

    Katie xoxo

  2. This is going to be so helpful for new mums. I remember this experience so well, and I wish I’d have had better advice
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Things to do in Brighton with KidsMy Profile

  3. Stephanie says:

    Brilliant advice, I found the jug of water really helpful!

  4. Kira says:

    Wow I can’t imagine how that would of felt . Touch wood all three of my labours were pretty straight forward and no rips or anything . Some really great advice here for someone who has suffered x

  5. Hannah says:

    I have no idea what this must feel like as I’ve never experienced it myself. Using an ice pack does seem like a very good idea

  6. Yaya says:

    Oh my goodness, as someone who has never given birth I must admit I get a bit frightened at the thought of things like this. But as a real part of the birth process and life really it’s good to know that there is so much helpful info as well as good products.

  7. Thankfully I didn’t need a Episiotomy after having my babies even though they were almost 10lbs! Great tips though for those that have.
    Playdays and Runways recently posted…Valentines Day Gift Guide 2020My Profile

  8. Rachel says:

    I thankfully have never had an episiotomy with either of my children. It sounds really painful. I did use the whole jug trick when I needed the loo as that stung!

  9. Kelly-Anne says:

    Thankfully I didn’t need an episiotomy as that was my worst fear, but you’ve shared some good tips for those that do have one.

  10. This looks like some excellent tips and many could find this useful even as a husband this informations is good to have,

  11. I never had an episiotomy but I did tear with Jack and the recovery was super painful. This sounds like a fab product and you have given some very helpful tips.

  12. This sounds like a really useful product that could help a lot of women. A great post to share!

  13. Sarah Bailey says:

    These sound like some great things to help Mums. I have heard it is meant to be so horrid recovering from an episiotomy so anything that helps I am sure is a plus!
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Just Dreaming Wish List February 2020My Profile

  14. Sabina Green says:

    You are right nothing can quite prepare you. They let me tear each time. Afterwards I was very swollen and sore, I did take Arnica which really helped.

  15. Talya Stone says:

    This sounds like a must have for any woman who has undergone an episiotomy. I know from word on the street it can be really painful in the aftermath so this would come in extremely useful for the recovery period.

  16. Jenni says:

    I had an episiotomy both times. First baby, the hospital gave me some ice cubes in a hospital glove, and that was it. Second time (different hospital), I got painkillers, ice (not in a glove this time but a less makeshift cooler), arnica, and a jug to take with me to the bathroom. I was also more prepared at home the second time round.

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