Happy Crabby Birthday to me!


Last year my 40th birthday fell on the day of Britmums Live and we had a wonderful weekend in London to celebrate.  This year couldn’t have been more different and was a little disappointing if I am honest as hubby had to work and the kids didn’t even acknowledge if was my birthday, apart from Abbey that is.

I knew what hubby had bought me as I was with him at the time, some clips for my Pandora bracelet, but a text mid-way through the day to say your present is in the draw if you want to put the charms on, really wasn’t how I wanted my day to go plus he hadn’t booked a table at a restaurant for later in the day either.

Abbey and her boyfriend Paul came over early afternoon so we decided to head off to do something fun and decided on crabbing at Mudeford Quay.  We dug out our bucket and crab lines out of the shed, our new Scrunch Net and set off, stopping to pick up some cat food on the way.

Mudeford Quay was packed and lots of people had the same idea as us and were taking advantage of the nice weather to get some fresh air with the kids, however, the crabs were not biting today.  There were lots of empty buckets lined along the quay, but we found an empty spot, filled our nets with cat food and hoped that the crabs would bite.

Mudeford Quay

We took it in turns to look after Sebastian who was wearing his new Pacapod Toy Feeder Pod which is a very cute, rucksack with added safety reins. He was very keen to try to scoop things out the water with the Scrunch net, which has a telescopic arm for easy transportation, however the arm was nowhere near long enough for crabbing here but it will be perfect for pond dipping.

We kept reeling in our lines for the next 45 minutes but were having no luck at all, so we moved farther along the quay where people were seeming to have a bit more luck and were lucky enough to spot a jelly fish.

Mudeford Quay

Cat food, bacon, pilchards were having no luck with anyone.  I took Sebby off to chat to some of the more successful crabbers however it appeared that any crabs caught had been done so in the morning.  One kind family had several and offered us a crab for our bucket and we kindly accepted, much to Sebby’s delight.

Mudeford Quay

After another half an hour of trying to catch one ourselves we gave up and released our crab back into the water.  Isaac and Eliza managed to find a dead spider crab in amongst the lobster pots and were examining it and pointing out its body parts.  We finally managed to tear them away and set off home, disappointed we hadn’t caught anything but we had fun trying.

I phoned lots of local pub restaurants to see if we could get a table for dinner but as it was Fathers Day they were all full to bursting and unable to accommodate us.  I had the Pizza Express app on my phone from our last visit and was surprised when I tried to book a table that they had room for us, so we got to eat out after all.

I have always like Pizza Express and have reviewed their restaurants before, but this was probably the most disappointing part of the day.  The place was filthy, there was food and melting ice cream under our table from the previous customers and the table just behind us was filled with a bucket of dirty plates and cutlery.

Pizza Express

The restaurant was full and seemed to be being run on skeleton staff.  Our drinks arrived fairly quickly but they forgot Hubby’s and trying to get their attention was proving fruitless.  It took 30 minutes just to get the kids starters and by this time they were bored and restless.

We had to wait another 20 minutes for our main courses and they got my order completely wrong and I had a salad full of mushrooms, which I don’t eat.  The kids pizza’s were greasy and full of oil so of course they wouldn’t eat them either and again, no staff seemed to be able to help us.

We let the kids have their dessert as it was included in their meal price but that took another 15 minutes to get to us.  We couldn’t get out of there fast enough once they had finished.  I have complained about the service and food but have yet to receive a response.

All in all it was a very disappointing day, but I do love my Pandora charms from all the kids.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

17 thoughts on “Happy Crabby Birthday to me!

  1. mama syder says:

    Aww sorry to read that your birthday was a bit disapointing 🙁 Hope Hubby reads this post and makes up for it. Sometimes they don’t realise we just like to feel a bit appreciated xxx
    mama syder recently posted…Juicing – Ginger And Apple ShotsMy Profile

  2. lisa prince says:

    oh i do love a family crabbing day

  3. Sonya Cisco says:

    Boo and double boo for not being spoiled properly and for the awful meal. I hope Pizza Express offer you a refund!
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…Red Candy Hangit Frame Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Oh no – Im sorry it was disappointing. Hopefully hubby stumbles across this post (cough, email it him!) and books a surprise treat to make up for it.
    Ryan Costello recently posted…Coombe Mill: A traditional family holidayMy Profile

  5. Rachel says:

    Aww Happy (late) Birthday such a shame it wan’t the best day for you x
    Rachel recently posted…Squeeky Clean BeautyMy Profile

  6. Kelly-Marie says:

    Crabbing looks like so much fun, my son is just getting interested in things like that. Happy un-birthday today, maybe you should make them celebrate that everyday of the year for having a bad birthday 🙂
    Kelly-Marie recently posted…Park Time!My Profile

  7. Jenny says:

    That’s a shame! Awful that Pizza Express was so rubbish and not so good that no one really acknowledged your birthday either. My birthday is a few days before yours and I found it quite disappointing, although my parents took me out for the day, my husband wasn’t really that bothered about making it ‘special’, while I take such care in making all their birthdays special! 🙁 oh well. Hope your birthday next year is more exciting! Xx
    Jenny recently posted…Silent Sunday PhotoMy Profile

  8. Coombemill says:

    What a shame and a contrast to last year for you, thank goodness it wasn’t your 40th! Not good enough Pizza Express, I hope you get a response from them but well done the kind people on the harbour who shared their crabbing finds for the children. Welcome to the forty something years, I promise they are good ones!
    Coombemill recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

  9. Erica Price says:

    My birthday was pretty low key this year too. Disappointing about the service at Pizza Express though.
    Erica Price recently posted…Moving into Summer with MelijoeMy Profile

  10. Sarah Bailey says:

    Happy late Birthday – what a shame it wan’t the best day for you 🙁 x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…5 ways to get ready for summerMy Profile

  11. Sorry you had a rubbish birthday, you will have to celebrate a half birthday in December instead!
    Bex @ The Mummy Adventure recently posted…What the Boys Wore – National History Museum DinosaursMy Profile

  12. Jen Walshaw says:

    Oh no, what a disappointing day for you. I always find pizza express a bit “wanting”, so we no longer visit! I hope that you have a better birthday next year. I have never crabbed with pilchards, so will have to give it a go!
    Jen Walshaw recently posted…Monster Big Nosed BookmarksMy Profile

  13. PinkOddy says:

    Oh no I was hoping this was going to end with a surprise being thrown for you.
    Maybe you could have an unbirthday to make up for it.
    PinkOddy recently posted…Harry Potter Studio Tour Sweets and TreatsMy Profile

  14. Michelle says:

    I remember it being your birthday last year at BritMums Live! What a difference this year… can’t believe the awful experience at Pizza Express, what a dampener on the day’s events. Glad you like your charms though. And happy belated birthday! x
    Michelle recently posted…BritMums Live! 2015 – My Experience on Day 2My Profile

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