A grown-up lounge

Everybody knows that having children will mean compromise, but it can still be a bit of a shock to discover just how easily they can overwhelm a living space.  No matter how much tidying is done, toys get everywhere, along with stray items of clothing.  Rooms have to be rearranged to keep dangerous items out of reach.  Things get chipped, damaged and even chewed.  It can be very difficult to maintain the sense of style that once mattered so much, or even to get a bit of personal space.

Creating a grown-up lounge can provide a refuge from all that chaos—a room that only the adults use, where they can enjoy being adults and not just mom and dad.  It can be a space for entertaining or a space in which to rekindle the first flames of romance.  A space that’s all about grown-up style.

Cutting out the clutter

When creating an adult only space, the first thing most people want to do is to get rid of the clutter that kids create.  Good organization is vital.  Going for a sleeker, more minimalist look doesn’t mean having to get rid of all that extraneous stuff, but it does mean that good storage solutions are a must.  Fitting stylish shelving and cabinets can be part of the solution.  It’s a good place for a drinks cabinet or even a home bar.  Another option is a chest-style coffee table with storage inside.

Sophisticated décor

To get away from the bright primary colors of children’s belongings, it’s good to go for a neutral look in a grown-up lounge, with soothing shades of grey, taupe and beige.  For a sharper look, plain white can make quite an impression, perhaps with a feature wall to give the room more character.  Polished boards are a good choice for the floor, and an area rug can add comfort or introduce a striking motif to the room.  Long, elegant curtains create a stylish look and increase the sense of space, as do large mirrors and original pieces of wall art.

Statement furniture

To really make this room into something special, it’s worth investing in classy furniture.  If the budget is tight, a single large piece can still make a statement.  Leather sofas or sofa sets are ideal, and it’s possible to find really good value ones with a bit of shopping around.  Positioning seating so that it’s well suited to conversation, rather than pointing it at the television, creates a better atmosphere for entertaining.  A space like this may also be used on an occasional basis for work, so a handsome desk can be a good addition.  Tall standing lamps, ideally paired, are an ideal complement to overhead illumination, and it’s worth hunting down something unusual to complete the look, such as a piece of sculpture or an antique marble fireplace.

Whatever the idea behind the room, it’s important to make sure that it reflects the owner’s personality.  As well as looking good, it should be a refuge, a place within that busy home where adults can relax and be themselves.



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