Great Bikes for Active Kids from Halfords!

Apollo Zest

One of my earliest Christmas memories was waking up on Christmas morning to find a brand new bike sat under the Christmas tree.

I cannot remember the brand, but it was silver, had gears on it and I loved heading out into the close where we lived, riding it up and down the road constantly.

There’s no feeling quite like getting your first pair of wheels!

Eliza got her first bike for her 5th birthday, but it wasn’t until this summer that she finally cracked riding it without stabilisers, but since she mastered it she has been spending more and more time out on her bike, even choosing to ride it to school.

Eliza will be 7 in January and it is quite obvious that she has outgrown her first bike, so we were planning on getting her a new, larger one for her birthday, however when Halfords got in touch and offered us the Apollo Kids Zest Mountain Bike to review, I knew she would love it.

Apollo Zest

The bike is a lovely rich purple colour and comes with front suspension to absorb any bumps you may face when tackling the off road trails we encounter when riding through Moors Valley.

It is a much more grown up and heavy bike than she is used to, so getting her balance again has taken some work. She is starting to master the 6 gears she has on offer, although she keeps trying to change them when the bike is stationary, rather than moving, but we will get there. Gear changes are so much smoother and easier these days with the clever SRAM twist shifters too.

Apollo Zest Mountain Bike

The great thing about buying a bike from Halfords is that you get a FREE in-store build and 22 point safety check plus a further FREE 6 month check, or, if you are confident to build your own bike, get it delivered boxed for self-assembly.

Do you remember your first bike?

8 thoughts on “Great Bikes for Active Kids from Halfords!

  1. The bike looks great. My daughter has a similar one in pink.

  2. That sounds like a great bike to have after a first one. I had no idea gears were available as twist shifters on bikes. I thought that was only motorbikes. A great improvement. Hope she enjoys it!

  3. Sonia Cave says:

    Our little lady’s bike is from Halfords and we and she love it. Going to miss that place when we need to get her a bigger one (as not living in the UK(

  4. Lorna says:

    Seriously gonna look into this when Isla is ready for a bike. My first bike was a red trike, but I would have preferred a purple one like this!

  5. Clare says:

    We always use halfords for the kids bikes, I never knew about the 6 month safety check though!

  6. Laura says:

    Wow I love that they offer the 6 month check up for free – thats a major bonus as well as the 22 point safety check and good to know you can take it back if there are any issues. Looks like an ace bike

    Laura x

  7. Sabina Green says:

    We now have three of our four happily riding their bikes but quickly growing out of them. We can’t wait until they can all ride their bikes so we can have lots of family bike rides together. I have lots of happy memories of riding through the Countryside with my Mum (apart from the time she accidentally knocked me into a ditch when trying to point at some flowers!!!)

  8. Looks like a fab bike and I love the dress she’s wearing to ride it!

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